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hi everyone!

i just wanted to come back on here say a statement, and the fact that it's controversial is extremely sad but,

black. lives. matter.

it's truly disheartening that we live in a society that allows the killings of innocent black people, by people who are supposed to PROTECT us nonetheless. the fact that we still have to fight for basic human rights in this day and age is really depressing.

please, take some time out of your day to at least educate yourself on what is happening in the world right now, and support the movement in any way you are able to. contact state attorneys and representatives, donate, protest, sign petitions, support black businesses! use your privilege to stand up for others who are plagued with injustice! these are tough circumstances we are in right now, so anything helps! just know that any effort at all is better than none. i want you all to stay safe and i love you all!

here are some websites with information! there are many, many more resources all over the internet and social media as well, all it takes is a google search.






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