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your love has got the best of me

By cueen
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i have risen from the grave.. for the 100th time

tbh i'm tired of letting my passions get away from me because of school, work, or whatever comes at me
i keep trying to wait for motivation to come to me instead of finding it myself, and i'm tired of living that lifestyle. i'm gonna try to push through these ruts instead of letting it consume me and me being unproductive
last semester really drained me and i probably felt the worse i've felt in a while, like i felt so numb to everything?? i stopped caring about literally everything, all i wanted to do was sleep and watch youtube all day because i just couldn't pull myself to put effort into anything i enjoyed lololo
but after going through that i don't want to feel like that ever again, so i'm gonna do my best to avoid that
i've been good this past month though, and i can't wait to see whats in store for me!

this drawing i've had sketched for like 2 months lolol but i managed to complete it and i'm really proud of it!
i really want to start posting more and consistently, just to see where my art goes in the future! wish me luck my doods
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so proud of you friend. I've been there, but it's great to hear that you're pushing through and creating amazing things :heart:
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awe thanks so much!
i hope things are going well for you, too!
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goddamn. you draw hot girls so well, cueen.
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oh my good ??? look at u go ???
look at that girl /?? 
so good? 
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Dancing Baldi Animated iconthank you my son 
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you are welcome father 
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Holy shit that's insanely good!!!
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