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rainbow adopt auctions! (closed)

By cueen
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hi all! me and my dearest homie anxietitty did some collab adopts! we decided to do a rainbow theme, and there will be a part 2 with the rest of the colors!
i hope y'all like them!!

this is an auction!!!

sb for each: $8/800 points
ab for each: $80/8000
ends: 48 hours after last bid

1) nitevibez
2) howlingwolf2343
3) tinuleaf
4) WolfMoonstrum

•reply to bid here comment and reply to the last highest bid
all bids are final! if you remove your bid without a reason i will put you on a warning list.
once you win the auction, you have 2 days to send the payment. i do not mind holding for longer!! just please let me know beforehand if you need extra time. if you do not send or not even reply to me i will reopen the auction
•you are free to resell or trade them once they are yours! if you let me know, that would be awesome!
•you are free to change them however you want!
•credit me for the design
•unwatermarked version will be sent when paid for!
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