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hey all! i originally posted about this a while ago but i felt like it would be easier to see if it was in my gallery (no i am not leaving deviantart, at least i don't plan on to yet!)
i am currently just posting my favorite works that i've already created, and then once i've uploaded all of those i will start posting new art!
unfortunately i haven't had any time to draw recently due to school, and it will most likely be that way until the winter. i do plan on trying to draw as much as i can when that time comes though, i really do miss it!

original journal for context:

so i know i haven't been around much lately, but i wanted to come back and update you guys on some things regarding my art and account and such!

i know that a lot of people have left because of eclipse, which is totally understandable (i was thinking about it too haha)! while i don't foresee myself leaving deviantart, i wanted to give more options for those who are still interested in my stuff but are no longer on deviantart!

i'll be making an instagram that i'll post all of my completed pieces and doodles on, and it will be my nicer portfolio of sorts

i will continue to post on my deviantart account as well, but it'll moreso be things such as adopts and ocs.

i had originally wanted to just move to instagram a while back, but i never got around to it because i haven't been drawing as much as i would like to, so i saw no point in moving accounts if i wasn't gonna post anything yaknow

but i invested in clip studio paint which i'm really excited to start using!

i'll probably keep my adopts strictly to deviantart so that way i don't clutter my instagram.

commissions and customs are still going to be closed though, unfortunately.

if yall have any questions feel free to ask!

my new instagram account is @ cyenn_art, so feel free to give it a follow if you'd like!

that account and this deviantart account are the only accounts that i own, if you see any others pls let me know and know that they are fake!
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