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curly adopts 2 (closed)

By cueen
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huzzah! more curlies!
i didn't intend to make them this detailed (as you can see by the base) but it's fine lolol
i'm gonna make another batch after this with some more detailed adopts so be on the lookout for that!
anyways i hope u guys like

this is an auction!!!

sb for each: $5/500 points
ab for each: $60/6000
ends: 48 hours after last bid

1) amxlgam 
2) AlyBeean 
3) calicobud 
4) Pyromantiic 
5) VeilDust 
6) AkiiiChaos 

•reply to bid here comment and reply to the last highest bid
•all bids are final! pls do not back out unless absolutely necessary (so you need to have a reason why!)
•you are free to resell or trade them at the price you got them for, unless you got art of them! it would be nice to know if you do sell them!
•you are free to change them however you want!
•credit me for the design
•unwatermarked version will be sent when paid for!
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