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Sometimes pony pulls the wagon.
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Woman goes BLIND after staring directly at Eclipse


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MLP: FiM Season 6 Review - NOT AS GOOD AS SEASON 5

MLP Season 6 Reviews

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MLP FiM: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games Review

MLP Season 5 Reviews

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MLP FiM: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Review

MLP Season 4 Reviews

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MLP PORN falls in popularity worldwide in 2016

Satire and Sensibility

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My Little Pony: Orange-Cross Empire, Chapter 16

"Aston Dartmoor," I said. "You're sure?" Mr. Orange pressured. "That was who he said he worked for?" "I'm sure," I replied. "It wasn't just some coincidence that he was there, either. It wasn't like he was a random passer-by. He was consciously watching the house, and moved in after I tried to bring Farleigh back." "Did you catch his name?" "I think so," I said with a slow nod. "A mare showed up. She had a purple mane and seemed really rich. She spoke as if the property belonged to her." "That would be Ambrosia Clemency," Mr. Orange nodded. "She's Cross' set of rigged dice." "His set of 'rigged dice'?" "He rolls her out whenever he tak

Orange-Cross Empire

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My Little Pony - Hospice X Pt. 2 - Epilogue

4 Months, 11 Days (Ibid.) I was alone within the most private of all places. I had always been curious as to what may have existed behind that door, and finally the knowledge was mine for the taking; Rarity had allowed me into her Inspiration Room. She was still cleaning herself up in the bathroom, but I imagined that she would be quick – it was a bold move indeed to let me into the room without supervision, and I did not believe that she would allow me to have free-access to roam for long. For a little while, however, the interior of her world was mine to gaze upon, as long as I restrained myself from touching anything. Thankfully, I h


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MLP FiM: S4 E3 - Castle Mane-ia Review


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Manly Scuttlebutt


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Dr. Dapples and Scuttlebutt's Super-Fun Adventure!

Once upon a time Dapples was feeling sick. To make him feel better his friend Scuttlebutt went to the wishing well and got him some magical sparkling water. "Drink up, friend," Scuttlebutt said, watching as Dapples slurped at the special liquid. Oh, it was a silvery substance, and as he swallowed his head began to grow. Scuttlebutt jumped back in alarm, because his head would not stop growing, and neither would he stop drinking. "Stop drinking!" Scuttlebutt shouted. "No, fool!" Dapples cackled, his head growing even bigger. But then he caught his head on a thorny branch and it deflated, returning everything to normalcy. "That was close,"


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