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I UPDATED my friend widget to actually be friends.
So this is for mutuals and people I'm like I KNOW YOU, YOU'RE GOOD.
And that inspired me to give them all some shout outs.

Squad goals met:
These are my top tier friends who are constantly in my life. Love them as I love them.
:iconambaaargh: :iconchocolatequill: :iconcloneclone: :iconcuttleskulls:  :icondaimyon621: :iconjiyuria:
:iconmikkynga: :iconrootyful:  :iconsassmassacre::iconsleepwalks::icontripsdi:

Proximity Buddies:
We probably rarely talk but I love you and think you're awesome.
:iconclumsyclopsy: :iconrdoodles: :iconstarbamb:

Passing Ships:
We watch each other, you look cool, but we rarely/never speak; hi!
:icondeericious: :icondoekitty: :iconhoshiadopts: :iconjesuspie: :iconqatsby: :iconvonaeros:

Memory Lane:
Hi again! We once had some sort of interaction, friends/vague contact, and I still think you're swell.
:iconebonydragon: :iconevion: :iconidkay: :iconmoodypug:  :iconrajaputi: :iconshakusaurus:

Starstruck feels:
People I was too nervous to speak to but they spoke to me for some reason, you're also swell (and were very influential to me!)
:iconkatie-w: :iconneolucky: :icontarkheki::icontasteslikeanya:

The lost ones:
People who were/are my friends but their profiles have been lost to time. RIP. I continue to follow them in case they ever come back.
:iconayame-sai: :iconoscon: :iconpackofchessycats: :iconrimedragona: :iconzozie:

(For some of you I tagged, note: my old SN was Arafel)

Anyways, follow these people they're good heckin beans.
Except the last column lol

If we're friends and you're not on here yell at me omg I'm losin' it
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clumsyclopsy's avatar
AW I just now saw this yes!!! you're awesome too!!!!! Heart 
Mikkynga's avatar
looking at this i realized i need a new icon this is so old 
zozie's avatar
Also you are he best and I miss you let’s catch up sometime 💖
zozie's avatar
There is a reason this account is lost. JUST LOOK AT IT AAAA
JesusPie's avatar
Wow! I can't believe you remember! it's funny, we once chatted back in... gosh, like 2010 or something? and then as our interests drifted, I continued to follow your tumblr blogs and before I knew it, 8 years had passed. Seeing that you'd changed your dA made me think hey, I wanna catch up with this guy! but I didn't know how since it's been like a decade! so shit, this is so sweet and also so convenient cause I'd like to catch up!
TastesLikeAnya's avatar
(In all seriousness tho, that's cool! You're always welcome to talk to me and stuff. I'm glad my art could have given you a bit of inspiration, it's always nice when artists do that to each other through their work.)
cuddlycuttlefish's avatar

But ahh thank you! I will try to be more avid with my comments and stuff.

I think the first thing I ever saw was the acid panther from like 2010. You've always had such vibrant colors and shapes~ The Good Shit tm

Anyways, it's been wonderful following you over the years and seeing everything you put out. ovob
TastesLikeAnya's avatar
Aw, shucks, thanks!
Starbamb's avatar
Aaaaaaa, wowie really? I'm just a big weenie who's too afraid to talk much but I think you're pretty awesome too? Hek, maybe we can chitter more sometime, idek, this is so sweet. ;U; ♡
cuddlycuttlefish's avatar
Chitter me
aaah I get shy and also very, very forgetful but lmao ASIDE FROM THAT. *throws hearts at you* We can chitters... I will add you to friends on the discord and maybe through osmosis we will communicate
Vonaeros's avatar
yELLS IM CRY Hellooo thanks for the shout out!!
I know we never talk but I think you're a really cool bean as well //waves ;v;7
cuddlycuttlefish's avatar
HELLO YES aaah thank you
I know we spoke like... I dunno ONCE but I really liked your chars in PTS. And you have such a lovely way with colors /)ovo(\
HoshiAdopts's avatar
It's so cute you remembered me ;3;
cuddlycuttlefish's avatar
'v' <3 Aw, yes, really! Hello! (again)
You're relatively new to me but your ideas are so cool~ and you have such a cute style
HoshiAdopts's avatar
OMG thank you so much! ;A;
Aaand I just wanted to tell you that I followed you because I really like your OCs~ ;3; 
Cloneclone's avatar
-Stickies m'leggie waaayyy out-

Oh shucks uwu
cuddlycuttlefish's avatar
tarkheki's avatar
OMG I am flattered and humbled! Please feel free to reach out and speak to me (at your own comfort level of course) as you need! I might be slow in response, but I will get to you! <3 <3 :hug:
cuddlycuttlefish's avatar
<3 I will try to do so! I'm very slow myself so, we can be slow together (he says as he replies 2 days later.)

But yes! I've always really enjoyed your work and your commentary always adds such a nice bonus. <3 It's a pleasure to chat with you again! I think the last time I tried was uhhh, 2012 or something like that? Back when Livejournal was a viable means of communication.
Deericious's avatar
I'm definitely friendly and we are mutuals for a reason! <3 Reach out if you ever want! <3 
Thank you so much for thinking of me!
cuddlycuttlefish's avatar
HELLO. I should.. will, try, doing this... social thing...
Jiyuria's avatar
Thank you so much for putting me on the list I'm honored!

You're wonderful and don't you forget it. Always glad to hear you're doing well.
cuddlycuttlefish's avatar

You're a good bean, a good wonderful bean, don't you forget it either >:3
MoodyPug's avatar
YOU KNOW WHAT, I think you're pretty swell too ♥ ♥ ♥ And it's always good to see your updates and to see how you're doing!
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