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February 29, 2012
Land of Rebirth by ~Cuddlesthefatcat The suggester wrote: "Overall it is a great piece of art. It has many details that make it look very realistic and does not lose the feeling of pixel art. The background...provides a nice and smooth atmosphere for the characters...even though it's very detailed it still looks nice and simple"
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by dihricblisstoff
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Land of Rebirth

YES! I'm not kidding when I say I went all out on this one and pushed my pixel art skills and patience to the utmost limit! Needless to say, I had an incredibly difficult time drawing this, both due to the picture's sheer size and the semi realistic detail that I wanted to accomplish. Snowballsweet's realistic pixel art was such an inspiration to me, I had to enter her art contest and make something great.

The aim of the contest entry is to draw Snowballsweet's Faix in an environment I choose. I took the liberty of including my favourite anime character Hotaru Tomoe and Snowballsweet's cat Watermelon. As you can see, I basically recycled the girl's face from a previous pic I made of her, it's really surprising how a slight change in hairstyle made her look more grown up and mature.

This is the land of rebirth, where Hotaru is looking after everyone who passes through here and about to be reborn in the living world. The mythical Faix arrives to see her old friend Watermelon off, who will soon start to live a new and happy life.

Watermelon is Snowballsweet's cat who unfortunately passed away a while ago. I know the feeling when you have lost something truly precious, as I have lost my cat Cuddles last year. I want to commemorate Watermelon in this picture.

I had alot of help from friends on things like proportions, cloth design etc. So thank you Bonzai and Diric, you guys are awesome! :)

EDIT (01/03/2012): Diric you made this a DD, what a way to make my day! XD
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dudeandbruh14's avatar
This art is great, but the realism clashes a bit with the backround and colors
On5thAvenue's avatar
You have been featured:
MileniaKitsuvee's avatar
Congrats on the DD! Wonderful picture and skill and Faix and Watermelon looks so cute!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD!
HopeSwings777's avatar
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Nice job. I love the cat =D
maywait98's avatar
That's not pixel art. That can't possibly be pixel art.

Amazing. You are truly talented.
Cuddlesthefatcat's avatar
Haha, glad you liked it.
RAWRItzKat's avatar
When I saw this and realized it was pixel art, I was so shocked and amazed even more. Amazing! The things people can do with pixel art is astonishing so good job :clap:
Cuddlesthefatcat's avatar
Yep. As long as you have the patience you can do even more amazing things!
RAWRItzKat's avatar
It's amazing how some people can have that much patience and devotion to do work like this so I really admire people like that ;u;
This is a lovely and amazing piece of work.
Minkymy's avatar
took me a while to realize it was pixel art.
Other that her right hand, everything is fantastic. You deserve the DD.
Cuddlesthefatcat's avatar
Her hand or arm? Is it the one lifted up or the other? I know someone has mentioned about the arm before.
Minkymy's avatar
The hand on the lifted arm.
larqven's avatar
Hotaru and a cat in her lap! That's pretty good right there! :) I love how intricate all of this is, the blanket and the plaid skirt design. Certainly Hotaru's style is there, the cat has very realistic cat stripes. I really like the background of trees with pink blossoms!
BurningGlory's avatar
I love the color choices! The peaceful harmony of this piece is very soothing to the eyes. A very excellent piece. <3 Great job!
Rumblephil's avatar
This is extremely good work.
rydi1689's avatar
The icecream, the flowers & the cat = fascinating
Cuddlesthefatcat's avatar
Cats are awesome XD
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