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Sonic and Tails in Castle Eggman Zone - Act 5
Act 5
Sure enough, moments after these words had left Sonic’s mouth; Dr. Robotnik strode into the room, looking incredibly pleased with himself.
“That was just too easy! Everything’s gone egg-sactly to plan!”
 Sonic began squirming uncomfortably within the guard’s grip.
“Alright, you can do what you want to us, but please don’t start with the egg puns!”
Robotnik winced a little, not wanting his moment in the spotlight interrupted.
“Puns or no puns, Sonic, you and your little fox friend are trapped and your fun ends here!” Sonic stopped struggling, instead going with the flow. He was very used to the doctor’s dramatic speeches.
“Yeah, yeah, you caught me. But what’s with the whole castle thing? Even for one of your traps, this is weird!”
A big grin appeared below Robotnik’s moustache,
“So, it’s exposition you want? Well that’s just what you’re about to get
:iconcuddlesnowy:Cuddlesnowy 2 3
Sonic and Tails in Castle Eggman Zone - Act 4
Act 4
There was a pause, followed by a strange sparking sound. Sonic opened his eyes. The ghost had stopped, caught on a ceiling chain. The ethereal aura that surrounded it kept dipping in and out, making the whole experience feel a lot less real.
“Hey Tails, take a look at our ghost!” With that, Sonic leapt into a spin jump and plunged towards the incapacitated phantom. In a puff of smoke, their tormentor was defeated and all that lied in its place were a few nuts and bolts and a small, bespectacled gecko. The little lizard scurried up to Sonic and Tails and started chirping apologetically to them.
“That’s okay, I understand,” said Sonic calmly, before continuing “but I’m afraid you’ll need to start from the top. The reader won’t be able to make any sense from that! If we continued the story with chirping noises, that wouldn’t make for a very readable book! I’ll tell you what, you start over, and this time it
:iconcuddlesnowy:Cuddlesnowy 2 0
Sonic and Tails in Castle Eggman Zone - Act 3
Act 3
The dungeons of Castle Eggman were dark, and save for the light of a small flickering torch attached to a wall; Sonic and Tails could scarcely see a thing.
“Any luck, Tails?” Sonic called up to his friend, who had used his two tails to fly up and find the ceiling.
“No good,” Tails called back “It’s too high up for me, and it looks like the door’s locked shut!”
“Well, we have no choice then” replied Sonic as he grabbed the torch light off the wall, “We’re gonna have to escape the dungeons the long way round!”
    With Sonic holding the torch in front of him, the two pressed on ahead, but weren’t able to make more than a few steps from their landing point before a loud crunch noise emitted from under Tails’ shoe.
“Yaaah!” cried the small fox, jumping backwards in alarm. Sonic had instinctively shone the torch in the direction of Tails, revealing the crunc
:iconcuddlesnowy:Cuddlesnowy 2 0
Sonic and Tails in Castle Eggman Zone - Act 2
Act 2
Upon entering the castle, Sonic and Tails were met with its grand interior. A red carpet lined the floor and the brightly, torch lit walls were lined with book cases, each one full to the brim with colourful volumes.
“It’s not so creepy once you get inside,” squeaked Tails cheerfully, wringing out his tails of the remaining rainwater, “I think it’s really welcoming!”
“I’m not so sure about that,” replied Sonic, directing the fox’s attention to the ceiling, “Nothing says creepy like Robotnik!”
Sure enough, the ceiling was decorated with draped flags of assorted colours, each one baring a familiar moustached face with a sinister grin.
    Not put off by this revelation, Sonic and Tails begun wandering down the halls, inspecting them for anything unusual.
“Now why would old Egg face build a place like this?” Sonic pondered. “I’d be on the look out for traps if I
:iconcuddlesnowy:Cuddlesnowy 1 0
Sonic and Tails in Castle Eggman Zone - Act 1
Act 1
It was night time, and Sonic and Tails were lost. Mainly Sonic. Tails chose to stick close to the blue hedgehog he looked up to like a big brother, following his every move as he zigzagged between the tall trees. He knew when Sonic was lost that he had a strange habit of being stubborn, refusing to slow down and look at a map or ask for directions, always insisting that he knew the way to go. It was at times like this that it was easier for Tails to simply follow Sonic and let him do his thing. Tails thought to himself that if he was in charge, he would be none the wiser. At night, the woods all look the same and at times the canopy would become so dense that very little light could get in. Whether or not they were passing the same trees over and over would have been a matter of debate, and so the two were left with no clue if they were making any progress at all.
    Tails normally enjoyed woodlands, having grown up in one himself, but there was someth
:iconcuddlesnowy:Cuddlesnowy 1 0
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Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme!
United Kingdom
I have been a keen cartoonist and writer since the the age of 4 and making drawings in Powerpoint since the age of 6. I'm shy in person and enjoy collecting cuddly things (mainly teddy bears) since...umm...forever? Will often find myself bored without creativity.


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do you take requests?
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Could I maybe get a request or art trade
Ryangodzillasonicfan Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
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Hey, can I use the magician Sprites for my Sprite pic?…
Cuddlesnowy Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016
Sure, go ahead! Nice to see them in use :)
boogeyboy1 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used them already
I-am-THEdragon Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015
The other day I found a whole bunch of Rayman Accompagnement Scolaire screenshots on the Raywiki! I'd have missed them if I hadn't come across them in a Google image search, as they were only on the French version of the wiki.

Using Google Chrome's translator on the pages actually did a fairly readable job most of the time, too. From what I can tell, Space Mama and the clown don't seem to get along too well, especially when desserts are involved!

Also, from one of the screenshots, it seems the limbless people don't have a very accurate idea of human anatomy, or at least they didn't at the time.
Cuddlesnowy Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015
I need to check my Deviantart page more, I nearly missed this!

It's funny that Rayman Accompagnement Scolaire stuff should be showing up now, because one of my big plans for the holiday was to get some Rayman CP videos up on Youtube using new video editing software that bypasses Youtube's outdated annotations system. I can't wait to start!

A lot of those pictures are from the Rayman Maternelle CDs, which I have yet to try. This might mean when I'm recording those bits it will a blind run XD

The song and dance that comes with the human anatomy English song is amazing, btw ;)
I-am-THEdragon Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2015
Oh cool! I am really looking forward to seeing it! :D

I must confess, Betilla and the clown apparently being engaged in this game has put a hole in my only ship, haha. And apparently Rayman has a cousin who looks identical to him? (What's with cousins in the Rayman games looking identical?) Also, I tried to Google-translate the Rayman poem, but I don't think it turned out so well. The most of it was about him jumping around like a kangaroo, which made enough sense, but then there was a line that was something like "He is going to break his neck" and I was like... No? He's can't!

I wonder what got them into studying human anatomy. Well, I suppose humans in the glade are canon, what with Barbara and her sisters and all. I suppose I can't really blame them for their idea of human anatomy being a little off, considering they probably weren't all to familiar with this 'limbs' business.

It seems there's a lot of interesting content on these CDs, I reckon it'll be great fuel for Rayman-related thought.
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