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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
✦Cucum-Tea✧Mouse User✧Refers to as 'Tea'✦

Hi I'm Cucum-Tea but you can call me Tea
To this day I'm still trying to find my style and learning fundamentals so you may find inconsistency here and there heheh

If you're hoping to find another aspiring artist taking on a journey through DA, come say hi and let's see how things will go as we progress~



SS | Tanlan

"The mystery and terror of the taotie became the beautiful—the exalted " - Lu’s Spring and Autumn Annals

Click on the link to take a glimpse of his psyche


 Tanlan 貪婪
Age: ~around his 20's (450 years)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Height/Weight: 5' 10"/183 lb 
Species: Guardian Spirit (Taotie)


Perceptive | Diligent | Ambitious | Aggressive | Ravenous | Disorderly

Tanlan tends to his daily responsibilities. He pours his energy on protecting places where food are served and prepared as well as helping those in need of cooking. He will cooperate with others as long as they share the same goal. He will do anything in his power to gain success no matter the circumstances. There is an air of uncertainty around him, whether he has good intention or not. With a goal in mind, he will not let anything or anyone get in his way.

Over the centuries, he is highly aware of the environment to the point he is sensitive to the moods of others. In his own solitude, he finds himself reflecting on everything and gets overwhelmed by this. He is compelled to share his views if he is close with someone. 

Tanlan craves for food and alcohol. He often devours them until none is left for any inhabitants. Despite being attuned to the environment, his lust overpowers his senses to the point he can no longer control himself.  Known for his primitive nature, he is not someone to dispute with. He will reveal his cavernous mouth  as a threat to whomever caused him his slight annoyance. He has the tendency of barging into someone’s kitchen  and fusses if things are not in accordance to his standards. Tanlan ’s unwillingness to abide to the norms may lead him into troubles with the residents despite being a guardian himself.



Tanlan was born and raised as a prince in the Dragon King’s palace. Although known as one of the nine sons of the Dragon, many would only remember him for his passion over food. As he and his brothers grew older, Tanlan  left the king’s palace to get away from the watchful eye of his father. He travelled across regions of China only to settle down in a kitchen. 

However, rumours about Tanlan ’s unwillingness to stray away from the kitchen spread to the Dragon King. Initially distressed, the King came to terms with his son soon after realising Tanlan ’s potential to guard over sacred vessels needed for ritual dining. 


Over the years, Tanlan ’s ravenous appetite grew more, craving for drinks and food.
He felt no compassionate for the poor and took pleasure in consuming human flesh. 
All the people under Heaven likened him to the three evil creatures of the world. As punishment, the gods took his body so he would no longer able to digest anything. 

Since then, any incidents concerning Tanlan waned. There were ambivalent accounts of his occurrences through passages and commentaries but none would confirm his current whereabout. Now his image are inscribed on food vessels, a symbol warning people of overindulgence and lust. 







  • His razor sharp teeth and claws that take a human with one blow  

  • Has keen hearing senses; can detect high-frequency sounds produced by prey

  • Able to ward off some missiles and slashing blades due to armour

  • Lack of stamina; unable to maintain its dragon form

  • Has slow movement, especially in its dragon form

  • Actively relies on its instinct; will take action before giving a though



Alcohol, especially choujiu
Going out to ‘hunt’ at night
Shiny items


Spitting out wasted food
Demanding people
Rumours about him
Being asked too many question

Inspired by the myths of Taotie

First mentioned in the Shang Dynasty

There are various legends of Taotie:

  • One of the nine sons of Dragon

  • A famous glutton banished from China

  • Punished for consuming human flesh


Time: AEDT GMT+11
Platform: Discord 
Method: Paragraph and Script

FANART- Aotaka
Sorry for being away for so long! I've been busy with school- and also been reading webcomics like alot. 
This is Aotaka, from a fantasy manga called Remember. I recommend reading Cleo-San's manga, it is intensive and action-packed! 

Here's the link to her comic:

Hope you enjoy as much I do!


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