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Mass Effect 2 Cerberus iOS 3

By Cuclick
iPhone Winterboard theme for Mass Effect 2 fans. If you see interface error - please add a comment here.

4.02.10 - Update- add icons, wallpapers, update status bar & lock sreen. Icon is too dim, i think, at the next update they would be better.

7.03.10 - Cerberus RS2 coming soon ( [link] ).

22.04.10 - work in progress.[link]

01.05.10 - beta sreen.[link]

SR2 - [link]
© 2010 - 2021 Cuclick
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CharlieIndigoalpha76's avatar
I was wondering if you were planning on doing an Alliance themed one
Reporting that it works with Winterboard for iOS 5.1.1
There seems to be a problem with the slider, though. I can't get the slider to look like in your picture. :(
Cuclick's avatar
I surprised that it even works. The theme was originally created for iOS3.
Haven-DaSilva's avatar
I don't suppose you're making a version for iOS6 or iOS7, are you? Because that would be incredible. 
I can get it as far as Dropbox but after that it's "un viewable" which is makes me incredibly sad bc the Iva of this look amazing
Can't download it either!!!!!
Reaper2518's avatar
Can this be used on ipod touch 4th gen? I want it so badly id pay $$ for it
Cuclick's avatar
Thi is non retina resolution. And was originaly creted for iOS3, while iTouch 4G comes with iOs4.
ThunderAnonymous's avatar
i cant download
please help
error :/
Scorge30's avatar
can this be used on a non-jailbroken iphone?
Cuclick's avatar
need jailbreak.
ChaosOmegaNova's avatar
Cuclick's avatar
it is. For iTouch.
ChaosOmegaNova's avatar
>_> Then where can I get this amazing piece of Cerberus awesomeness.
Cuclick's avatar
Download button?
IIe4eHbka's avatar
Great! Please, make same for iPad!
Amazing work. Can you help me figure out how to use this on my iPod Touch?

Also have Android phone and would love to get this or other Mass Effect themes. (The one you linked two before is no longer available since MegaUpload is offline.)

Thanks! Keep up the good work!
Blueracer66's avatar
Great jon, look the icons!
KodaKumi101's avatar
can this work on iphone 3gs with no jailbreak?
Cuclick's avatar
need jailbreak
Paynexkiller's avatar
Ahh. This is graet. I want it on my Iphone 4s :(
hello is it possible to just get the background? my phones not jail broken
Cuclick's avatar
yep, all in in archive file.
TykoBrian's avatar
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