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This is a journal entry!

My first one... I have no idea if anyone even watches my journal, but here goes.

I'm gonna tell you about my upcoming art project. It's not very probable that I'll be uploading much from it, but I think it's at least an interesting idea that I need to tell you about. :3

So! The idea comes from my habits. I spend most of my time in school scribbling, and that's helped me develop my art, (as well as helps me concentrate in school), but thing is, I have I few favorite things that I keep draving. Over, and over and over.

The project: To draw a new thing, something I've never drawn before, every single day for a year, (2011). It can be an animal, a plant, a person, a place, a pose, an object... you name it. I've gotten four new drawingpads that will hopefully be filled to the brim with unique drawings by the end of next december.

I think I will learn lots from it, and it will certainly be a fun way to think outside of the box! A friend of mine liked the idea and decided to tag along, feel free to do the same if you want to!
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Det låter jättekul! Lycka till :)
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Kåål!:0 Kanske man borde göra det.. :'D
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