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Pencil drawing of a lion. A3 size.

Took me a long time this one. Was meant to be super realistic but I got frustrated and the fur got a little more stylised. I'm happy with it though.

My drawing
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"was meant to be super realistic by I got frustrated and the fur got a little more stylized." I like the stylization of the fur, it makes the fur blend into the background so that the detail in the face really pops out.  I like it just the way it is.
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Wow it's amazing :3
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How could you not be happy abour a drawing like this? :D
It is amazing wow
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Amazing drawing! (I love the mane) Im attmepting a lion myself actually. But it wont be as good a yours. You have such talent...
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i have no word to describe this draw im happy i found it :)
Beautiful .. i like the hair
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I love the hair
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I've included this image in a youtube video. This image really helps portray my mood, props to the artist. Please let me know, CubistPanther, if it's not okay using your image in the video and i will also remove immediately.
Here's the link to the video: [link]
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Hi :wave:

I’ve featured this image on my latest journal one a day

If that’s NOT okay, please let me know and I’ll remove it immediately :heart:

many thanks =Cmac13
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im working on a lion right now!!! your drawing is impressive!
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Oops. Didn't realize I already commented on this one. But what I said was true haha
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This is fantastic!
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oh my god the detail om the fur i cant handle this
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Lions have always been one of my favorite subjects, and this one is fantastic!
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It looks amazing in every way love the shading,texture,the face proportion everything im trying to draw lions but looking at yours i got a long way to go it looks breath taking your very talented
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Simply stunning! The texture of the fur, the shading, the expression, the eyes... This is perfection. And I love it!
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PLEASE teach me how to do fur! D:
My lion sucks compared to yours :(

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Wow, I'd be jealous but your work is so amazing and wonderful I'm just glad you share it with everyone - you inspire me.
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such character!!!!
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Amazing! In short, how do you draw fur? Ive never really known but im really trying to learn! :o)
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