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Thanks for looking :)

PS! A treat for you guys - it's high resolution. Still just 25% of the original, but still high resolution.
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hmbugs's avatar
Beautiful! Heart Clap 
Superb model ! She is beautiful !
hr351's avatar
Gorgeous bathing beauty
2020paint's avatar
Beautiful work!
imagophil's avatar
Amazing work... love your renders (or whatever this is called).

NudeDevil's avatar
Wow! She looks cute and amazing. Your work is very nice!
Marshall-Arts's avatar
Link to the 100% one, please!  :D
Gator3D's avatar
Very nice.  Great skin detail and tone.  Do you mind sharing what skin texture you used?
Toolman427's avatar
the water looks so real well done it reminds me of final fantasy advent children when the kid jumps into the puddle of water it looked so real it was amazing
BDAndrogyne's avatar
The water looks more real than any other render I've seen so far (the reflection, the refraction, the waves by the hand) - what did you do to get that effect?
RROMMELL's avatar
Love the fine detail (I see arm hair) and the water work. Well done!
Retorman's avatar
Cool pic! I like the water, the reflections in the back and of course the woman! :-)
psiandco's avatar
okay, crazy idea time.
She goes jogging through the woods towards the beach. She stumbles in a sandy culvert, its quicksand. 
With a look of shock surprise and terror, she struggles to escape the peril. Imagine her almost breast deep reach outwards to an unknown rescuer...
CUBiKO's avatar
That's pretty far away from the original idea, yeah. I like the jogging part though :)
Lustful-Illumination's avatar
I want to make an action porn game. It will be a 3d side scroller. And I like the body of that character on this pic. Can you tell me if it is possible to buy the morph and the textures somewhere?
The WIP of the game is here:…
Thanks in advance!
CUBiKO's avatar
Body, face and texture was custom made for this character I'm afraid.
Lustful-Illumination's avatar
Or if you allow me to use it, I would credit you in the game.
I would probably change the texture and model slightly.
Lustful-Illumination's avatar
Oh well, great work than! I will try to make it on my own. Thanks for the answer.
Hashae's avatar
May I join please?
Tak03's avatar
Oh my god that is some SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY amazing modeling. You must have spent ages on this. I love it.
akornzombie's avatar
I love the attention to detail you put into your work.
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