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Rainbow Brite

I could talk for hours about my opinions on RB, but I have the final page of my Mango pitch to draw.

Somebody call Hallmark and tell them I wanna do some franchise comics yo.
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Super awesomely cute style you have. I.really hope you n plan on doing the other colour kids, tickled pink, Krys and brian, and maybe the horses
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my sister is in love of what you did and i like the mango kirby
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*chokes* i watched the rainbow brite movie a couple nights ago... it was the best and worst 2 hrs of my life...
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do you own ranbowbrite?
CubeWatermelon's avatar
Of course not XD Hallmark does.
im so glad for a few reasons. of the most famous ppl on devaintart replyed to ME.omg. so gratful ur honest.
3.i dunno
such great artwork, god im jealus
P.S what race are you?
CubeWatermelon's avatar
Haha I'm far from famous XD
And um weird question, but I am various kinds of white person 'A'
oh c,maaaaaaan. you know your famuous.And ill tickle u to death if u dont agree.
nice job! there should be a dog or a cat named skittles if your making a series!
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Oh my gosh. Rainbow Brite!! So much love... By the way, this is Lucy from your Drawing for Sequential Class~ You have just won me over with your Rainbow Brite stuff alone. I mean, that was a weird show, but I loved it so much.
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Heard of it, but never actually saw it, but still, your version looks so cute ^_^.
Adorable! Are you gonna do the other characters as well? Just wondering
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This is fantastic!! I love your style! I've featured this image on the main page of :)
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Whoa hey, thank you! is where I go for all my RB reference needs :< *commercial ding*
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Awwww, you make her look so adorable. (: <3 I love rainbowy thinggggssss.
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:love: LOVE IT!! She looks fantastic in your style :heart:
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Why does the phrase "taste the rainbow" keep echoing in my skull every time I see this?
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Are we old enough to remember rainbow bright? Then again I'm a boy so I don't.
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