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You think I kid. I do not.

If you notice in the last duel, Hanabi's goggles fell off and Pokapon walked over. THIS IS THE RESULT!

So basically the idea is that during the night, whilst Hanabi is sleeping, Pokapon dons her goggles and goes on random adventures of mischief and silliness. And battles!? He can't talk or anything, but he's a clever little rascal!
The secret life of a raccoon dog!

Oh yes. [link] That's what Pokapon is. to see if Ronins actually lets me do this.

EDIT: Ronins says Pokapon can't be a separate dueling entity unfortunately. BUT if anyone wants to duel him, I could probably just count it under Hanabi's duels? Maybe?
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wait a can pt a animal into SDL now???