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Advanced Breeding Theory

If the question is "Mary, did you shit this minicomic assignment out at the last minute because you had too many finals?"
The answer is "yes."
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XD love it!! great job!
BaumJunge's avatar
It's funny cause it's true!

Jokekiller :3
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It gets even worse when you realize you HAVE to inbreed in order to get the best possible stats and moves for your pokemon.

Do you know how many freaking elecktrikes I have because I want a Timid one with electro ball?
x-Short-Hilt-x's avatar
I'm sure the daycare people know. They just don't want to be telling the 10-year-old trainers what really happens. =3= Because they don't want to get sued for teaching kids 'the talk.' xDDDD

But seriously, do they not know? xDDD I love your comic~
BlackRain92's avatar
Seriously, this comic it's fantastic :D
FlightyMcCloud's avatar
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Wailord used body slam!
Hisscale's avatar
The last pairing was the best! Seedot and Skitty can also feel your pain Wopper! :rofl:
DarkHaze20's avatar
"I'll tell you how that shit went down." You. Are. Hilarious. It's not fair that some people(you) should get all the funny while other people(me) get none '^' All the mating panels are flippin' belly-bursting funny, but the bottom pikachu's rape-face is what killed me. Poor thing doesn't know what's happening to her. Bwahaha. Thanks for sharing. You are incredibly talented and creative!
lugia61617's avatar
I love the idea of a two-faced Ditto. Pity Ditto can't breed with a Ditto...I want to hatch a Ditto!!
XxLunaTheEspeonxX's avatar
Aahh!! Poor Whooper! lol. Pikachu's face is priceless!!! omg this is great!
heathenchild139's avatar
I love the look on the female pikachu's face. The double ditto is just creepy...
moontail299's avatar
I never breed my pokemon with their relatives.
My precious Vaporeon from SoulSilver (male) and Espeon from Platinum (female).
Their in my white game now, but their busy baby making. :o
iStoleHpfromGW4's avatar
the pikachu are funny
Raenafyn's avatar
lol, sometimes i wonder how it works too XD lol, wailord...
Combusken-Fan's avatar
L.O.L. I got an egg from my diamond one day, And im thinking, Have you noticed how much shit people give you JUST for talking to them??? In the real world, Would that happen?
CalicoGoldfish's avatar
Omg love the wooper and wailord :w00t:
amazing :D
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best comic ever lol
AquaCho's avatar
wait...they say they were WATCHING your pokemonz right? ...then he was watching them get it on?
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