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EDIT: took out the last part.

Part 2 of my color tutorial.… Here's an alternate color wheel based off a Red-Blue-Yellow model instead of Cyan-Magenta-Yellow, in case the CMY one pisses you off. I'm pretty sure both are correct, since how we see color isn't perfect, so it's just up to personal taste I guess.

DISCLAIMER: This is just what I do with color. Other people are gonna work with color differently than I do. I'm just showing you what my technique is. here's part 1
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this tut just made me VICIOUSLY want to draw something with the ~forbidden color scheme~

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actually, I'm just gonna remove that part. It's sparked too much argument and I shouldn't be putting something that subjective in a tutorial that's meant to be educational anyway. It's been 5 years since I did this tutorial, wondering if I should delete it since the info's so outdated, oops.

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I will say one thing, Yellow, purple, and red can work.

If you're going for a character that is meant to be chaotic

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I love your cube sona
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Haha, thank you very much!
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Lol your welcome

He kinda reminds me a mixture of powder toast man from ren and stimpy, and Scott Cawthans Cube dude

Lol sorry but still i like him
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if i were to to put shading and shine in the same place, should i put the shading layer on top or below the shine layer? or should i just avoid putting them in the same place?
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I don't think you need to avoid having that happen, but I would use it strategically. Like, on particularly shiny things like metal or slime. In these situations, I'd say put the shine over the shading.
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let me mix my ketchups, mustards, and jelly in peace , bucko :c
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ehh, thats fine. im not the color police. i probably shouldn't have put something so dictoral in this tutorial. sorry if I sounded rude or mean.
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lol no , its okay !! it was a joke , besides , everyone has their own personal preference !!
for example , purple and green is Garbage
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This is literally the best coloring tutorial over seen! Thank you for making this! It's really helpful and I can't wait to test it out ;w;
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I'm glad I could help!
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that's literally my favorite color scheme *lays down and dies*
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What's with the last colour scheme?
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Imma do the color scheme
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I have SHLAPETH. and I shall SHLAPETH again.
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I shall resist the SHLAPT
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Quite inspiring! Speaking of which, i was inspired by this. Thank you.
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Neat! thank you for taking time off your life to make this!
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Also, question. With outlines, would it be a good idea to first draw the outline completely black, then turn down it's Opacity so that a bit of the color beneath comes forth? I feel that doing this may save a lot off time and effort when drawing an outline, as one may not entirely know what colors one want while first drawing. 
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I feel like it's a better idea to just do the lines in a darker, near-black color from the get-go. 
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Even when you are not entirely sure what colours you are going to use?
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well, when you're doing a picture, the colors are such an important part of your image that you should know what colors you're going to use before you start drawing. Also don't be afraid to use a masking layer or, if you're using SAI, the "preserve opacity" feature to color over parts of lines to better match the base color of certain parts.
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