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Silent Hill 2 Noisy Hill James

Silent Hill 2 Noisy Hill promotional stamp - James - [link]
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o-puppetguts-o's avatar
So... Let me get this straight...

Your name is James.... We can call you James... And it's short for J A M E S...

seems legit. 
DemonQueenAsura's avatar
My name's Xanria,You can call me Xanria.It's short for Xandria.
OrangeLetters88's avatar
This is funny even though I don't get it xD
MiniNightshade's avatar
James in a nutshell :)
IndigoDragonyte's avatar
I particularly like this, because... well, my name is James. ;)
PyramidHeadXP's avatar
I freakin hate james....
AlbertThePragmatic's avatar
And he freakin hates you....
PyramidHeadXP's avatar
i know he keeps dying for the littlest things I hate it
AlbertThePragmatic's avatar
It's cool, I still like him.
PyramidHeadXP's avatar
jel2658's avatar
I remember this part. It was funny.
GothicUndead101's avatar
ZombieGirlHunter's avatar
Hey james! I'm a zombie, you can call me zombie, it's short for BRAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINSS...

...Wait, no, you don't have them... Bye!
jaeqer's avatar
IamTHESHLoverAKIRA's avatar
I lol"ed" at this one xD
James short for James,
and his name is James lols 8D
Etsor's avatar
hay james! can i call you james? you look a lot like a james :P
I-Love-Daggers's avatar
Etsor's avatar
Pamelandy's avatar
Lidius-Arcanriz's avatar
I has friend called james..I call em jam.
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