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Guilty Gear - Di01: Birth by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di02: Shelter by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di03: Monster by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di04: Exile by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di05: Solitude by cubehero

Guilty Gear - Di06: Ribbon by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di07: Friend by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di08: Guardian by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di09: Grove by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di10: Nightmare by cubehero

Guilty Gear - Di11: Freedom by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di12: Dream by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di13: Letter by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di14: Family by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di15: Knight by cubehero

Guilty Gear - Di16: Visit by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di17: Studies by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di18: Union by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di19: Sin by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di20: Separation by cubehero

Guilty Gear - Di21: Seal by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di22: Homecoming by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di23: Angel by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di24: Joy by cubehero Guilty Gear - Di25: Celebration by cubehero

Guilty Gear - Pixel Dizzy by cubehero I wanted them all in one place here on deviantART! Guilty Gear - Pixel Dizzy 
Apparently there can only be 16 thumbnails in a description and HTML5 uploads are still not supported,
so I guess a Journal entry will have to do! (at least for now)
I guess I should write this before even more time passes, since I originally planned to do it at the start of February!

The start of February marked the end of two years of drawing every day and uploading at least 10 works to deviantART every month!
I want to change it up a bit, and while I think I will continue drawing every day for now, I'll reduce my minimum upload count to dA per month to 4+.
That's both because I hope it will lead to a bit more time spent on at least some drawings,
as well as the fact that I hope to begin making a new game very soon, and focus on that.

Additionally, since a few people asked about it over time: With a bit of prodding and a lot of help by :iconvelilein: , I finally made some prints available here.
I'll add more as time passes, so if you've been interested in that you can check it out.

I guess I uploaded a lot of work here in the past two years, and I hope I'll continue being productive!

Thank you very much to everyone who supported me with comments, favourites and even features! Chitanda Bowing Icon 
GAME: Kitsune Dungeon Maid (+) by cubehero

A few days ago, I uploaded the enhanced version of my game KDM here.

If you like adventure/RPGMaker games, I would be very happy if you gave it a try and left me some feedback!

Yuki Emote 
Jessy Petite Devil by zorro-zero   Trishbot_My life as a robot woman_Cover by zorro-zero     Shina Asatsuyu by Bulldozer1231   Ayaka Tachibana by Bulldozer1231     Art Trade: Aponi for AllieFlendor by dhmanga186   For Mikiwing: Livestream Joke Turned Art Trade by dhmanga186
<da:thumb id="526347212"/>   <da:thumb id="478637830"/>     A cattie ~ yay ! c: by Jylwe   Foxie's watching the moon by Jylwe     Irbryn Lhug - Greetings by Dahgnear   Vigilance by Dahgnear
Request: Pandora by sakohju   Master! by sakohju

Please check these artists out!
Works were chosen by me, I hope everyone is at least somewhat happy with what is being featured!
My last journal is half a year old, eek! :iconwhatwhereplz:

I think it's time for a new feature! I will choose works to feature from the first seven people who comment!

1. zorro-venom
2. Bulldozer1231
3. dhmanga186
4. MarBlackphoenix
5. Jylwe
6. Dahgnear
7. sakohju
Elle Mel Marta Chibi by XxSylph Alone In The Dark by XxSylph         The Watcher by Dahgnear Fantasy Game Project - World Map by Dahgnear         Foxie (practice drawing) by Jylwe Sleeping kitsunie by Jylwe

<da:thumb id="480856562"/> <da:thumb id="365415702"/>         Elizabeth Wallpaper by S3rb4n Castle of Ivy by S3rb4n         Sunshine by JaxAugust The Judgement of Claude Frollo by JaxAugust

Bust 1 by Kukunia92 Chibi by Kukunia92         Altair III by kupieckorzenny Puffin by kupieckorzenny         DIY Greeting Card with Pop-Out by velilein Reaching the Sky by velilein

Please check these artists out!
Works were chosen by me, I hope everyone is at least somewhat happy with what is being featured!
My last journal is over a year old again, so I think to do something new, I want to try an art feature. Since I'm not really sure how to go about selecting what to feature, I will do it the way I've seen others do it: 

If you want to be featured just comment here saying you want a feature, and after nine people have commented I will select two of their pictures each and post a new journal with them.

I hope this is a good way to do this. If you have other ideas for selection (for potential future features) you can comment as well!

1. XxSylph
2. Dahgnear
3. Jylwe
5. S3rb4n
6. JaxAugust
7. Kukunia92
8. KupiecKorzenny
9. velilein

All slots filled! I will select pieces to feature within the next days!
Blood Moon Birthday by cubehero

One year ago, I uploaded my first full game on the internet:
GAME: Dream of the Blood Moon by cubehero

Reactions in videos and fan art/fiction have really astounded me!
I just wanted to write this to thank everyone who wrote with feedback, made a video, or created fan art of any kind.
I've seen writing, pictures both digital and traditional as well as cosplay and crafts, and it it's one of the most awesome things to me to see that it inspired others!

Some fan art from different artists in no particular order:

<da:thumb id="404191903"/> Cry and Pewds-ish by Friendsofold Slenderman and Dream of the Blood Moon by JaxAugust Witch by bloodysae If Slenderman Had A Wife.... by Chr-ali3
Me Playing Dream of the Bloodmoon by SkyArchfiendMayler Sketch on her of Dream of the Blood Moon by FairyAurora Dream of the Blood Moon by Sara5342 PewDieCry Blood Moon Bracelet by ObliviousDoll Dream of the Bloodmoon by Collinsonful Run by friendlyPie
Cry fanart ._. by NekHarmony Cry Plays Dream of the Blood Moon by Merm94 Dream of the Blood Moon by Arkay9 Cry Plays: Dream of the Blood Moon by Kiwa007 A beautiful lady by buynopomeshannaya
Dead End by wolfpainter Cry Plays Dream of the Blood Moon by lenkachu <da:thumb id="349064086"/> Dream Of The Blood Moon by SofiaDrago Dream of the Blood Moon - Custom Title Screen by Mauritaly Cry Plays Dream Of Blood Moon by stopthinkmove
Dream of the Blood Moon by Konakoro Dream of the blood moon by Paralissa Dream of The blood moon Ghost's tear by Noir-Black-Shooter Dream of the blood moon by RubyLimexx Dream of the Blood Moon by DarkRika

Here it is.(This is what I think you've all been waiting for, my personal fanfic for Dream of the BloodMoon, drop me a line and let me know what you think. I am open to any and all criticism that does not include trolling. Lol. Thank you CubeHero for letting me write this, I do appreciate it. ) 
I don't really remember much from when I was little, in fact, all I do remember is a fire, or what should've been a fire. My memory isn't what it used to be, I've been here for so long...
I use to have a name, Annabelle, I think it was, I don't really remember, I try to wiggle my hands and my feet, but I still feel nothing, nothing in this pitch darkness that is my prison. A low moan escapes my lips as I fall again to unconsciousness, the nightmares, always come. 
A fire, it raged in my parents mansion, I don't remember much about it, except that I remember a woman standing over me before it began, I was three at the time, in my little white nightgown, she had a white face, and it looked like a
  Paranoia                                                                             Scene 1
                                                                               Act 1
(Curtains closed. Sharp static is heard that settles to a dull scratching. Scratching persists throughout the play. The scritch of a pen against paper is heard, alongside words said in a stiff, professional manor.)
Dr Lector: Patient 258. The date is the fourteenth of August, 2005. Hour twelve of the isolation. Has talked continuously to himself throughout. There is a central theme around his ramblings. He speaks of a presen
  seven regretsI open my eyes.
Thick darkness cradles me softly. A look outside my window tells me that the moon has shied away from the night.
Stale air begins to grip my neck and squeeze. I get up, tossing my covers off my body. Moving silently through the house, I open the front door and step outside.
As usual, my neighborhood is illuminated by street lamps. What strikes me, though, is how solid and black the sky is. If not for those lamps, then I would be shrouded in complete darkness.
I sit down on my front steps. Only then do I notice the balloon.
It is deflated and filthy, with its string barely still attached. At closer inspection, I see that there is a small slip of paper poking its head out of it. Looking at it vaguely reminds me of myself, how I emerged from my house to sip the fresh air, similar to how that piece of paper peeped out from its balloon.
I take the paper out of the balloon and read its writing.
"This balloon is from a girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Crying

If you have made fan art or know of any that is not featured here and want it added, or want yours removed for some reason, just tell me!
Sorry that I didn't really update or reply to anyone in the recent weeks, I was busy with by Bachelor Thesis. :(

Turned that in yesterday and will be finished with university next week, so I hope I have time to draw more stuff, etc.!

Tagged by :icondahgnear:

1. Do you have any aliases/nicknames that you like and would be willing to share?
I go by goldenaxe in a few places (used to on LoL, but renamed to something else) but I usually try to get cubehero wherever possible.

2. Which one do you like more, traditional or digital art?
Most of the art I like tends to be digital, but that doesn't mean I like it more. I have huge respect for the amazing traditional art some people make, as well as historical paintings, of course.

3. Would you rather live a 100 years and be immune to everything(illnesses, all kinds of damage, etc.) during that time or live indefinitely, but still suffer from illnesses, damage and so on?
Both have their advantages and drawbacks I guess, but in the end living indefinitely possibly sounds better (although it also seems like a mixed blessing).

4. If you could choose to live in any sci-fi universe from movies, books or games, which one would it be?
Not sure, really. I don't think there was ever one I would have wanted to live in, since most of them are so centered around conflict!
I guess the Mass Effect universe post Reaper threat seems okay. :P

5. A continuation of the previous question. What race would you want to be from that universe?
Probably still human, although, in an effort to answer in a less boring way, being (a conscious) Geth could be pretty fun. :P

6. What superpowers/magic would you like to have?
Hard to imagine any that don't come at some significant cost, but I guess healing powers and/or some sort of fast travel would be great.

7. How do you deal with problems(don't have to be real life problems)? Charge right in, think it over then act or avoid them if possible?
From right to left, though I do tend to overthink things I can't avoid :P

8. Do you listen to music while creating art? If so, what do you like to listen to?
When I don't have any streams running then yes, most of the time. Usually game or movie soundtracks unless there are some songs that I fancy at the specific moment.

9. If you could have an item from a book, movie or game, what would it be? Can be clothing, weapon, tool, etc.
None really comes to mind, I guess a Bag of Holding seems useful :P

10. Follow up question. What would you do with the chosen item?
Clean up my room, haha :P

I guess anyone else who wants to be tagged can feel tagged as well and answer these questions :P
Earlier this week, I released my first full game on the internet, you can go check it out here…

or at… directly for the download!

I would be very happy to hear some feedback on it if you play it!
My last journal entry was more than 2 years ago, so I suppose it's about time to overwrite that one :P

:iconlaradiance: and me have a new blog over at  ;
- it features a lot of content that isn't on here like WIPs, scrapped pictures, traditional art and more

Leave me a comment if you check it out or are interested in more WIPs or something!
Over one thousand pageviews, thanks to everyone who looked at my pictures, favourited and /  or commented!
So yeah, my neglected deviantart account gets used again (for a while at least)

I've been partaking in an art course, so my pictures will hopefully start sucking a bit less now
I managed to convince myself that I suck enough that I didn't draw anything in an entire month;
(also, WoW 3.2 made me lazy.. even lazier)

I hope my Tauren picture will get me going again, but my hand hurts from drawing it :(

And no, I don't drop Torch of the Damned upon defeat!
I am now actively using deviantart for a little over a month, I guess this warrants a useless journal update! Yay.

Thanks to anyone who actually looked at my pictures!

If you feel like it, you can help me suck less at arting or just generally make me happy if you take the time to leave a short (and hopefully nice) comment :P
Well, after being subscribed here for almost one and a half years I finally uploaded a few pictures I drew (actually almost all of them, there aren't that many since I always have to force myself to draw due to lacking self confidence)

If you are unfortunate enough to stumble on this page and have constructive comments, do post them :P
Just be easy on me, I go emo easily :P