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LoL - DJ Sona Kinetic Portrait

Well, this one didn't really turn out as I wanted it and isn't as clearly Kinetic themed as it could be. (just the colours) :D
Only Ethereal to go for series 2!

League of Legends is (c) Riot Games

LoL - DJ Sona Ethereal Animated Chibi by cubehero    LoL - Concussive Heartbeat by cubehero    LoL - 3D DJ Sona Kinetic Chibi Render by cubehero    LoL - DJ Sona Ethereal Portrait by cubehero    LoL - DJ Sona Concussive Chibi by cubehero

Referenced Happy Lunar New Year by chaosringen as well as a bit of Kinetic energy by Artgerm
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Mar 5, 2015, 5:30:36 AM
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Heh, things almost never come out exactly like we imagine them. We artists are way too demanding with ourselves for it to happen. But then again, that's exactly why we improve.=)

True, it's not immediately apparent that this is the Kinetic version of her skin, but you can clearly see that this is DJ Sona. Maybe this is her, relaxing after one of her concerts, with all of her modes turned off?

By the way, which mode and its accompanying song is your favourite?…
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Hmm yes, I or we should be more open to "happy accidents" :iconbob-rossplz:

That's also a way to think of it, hehe :D

I liked all of them, but I generally preferred Concussive the most - sadly the level 11-16 section of the song is not that appealing for me (It's not bad, but the rest is better for my taste)!
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Happy accidents are the best kind of accidents.:nod:

When I first heard them, I liked Kinetic the most, didn't even pay much attention to the rest. Now I believe I like Concussive more. Then again, it all depends on my mood, like always.=D
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True, they're all good in their own right, and when I play I usually change song when people request it as well!
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Wait, she actually plays them in game? Haven't seen one while playing, so I have no idea. How generous of you.=D
I think I would refrain from attacking her ingame just to listen to the music.:P Though if she would seriously start attacking, I guess I'd retaliate.:shrug:
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She does, but only her own team can listen in on it, so there's no need to worry about not being able to attack her :P
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Yeah, that makes sense. Don't let the enemy enjoy the music.=D
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Wonderful portrait! :D
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xXPanteraNeagraXx's avatar lol  XD  I love this
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Glad you like it!
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I have no ideas who this is but she's pretty and reminds me of a character named milk very nice work by the way☺️!!
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This is Sona Buvelle from League of Legends, in case you want to go look for more artwork of the character (there is plenty on the internet).

I'm not sure I know the character you're talking about, but thank you!
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omg I mean to put Miku but I guess I typed milk lol xD
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Maybe it was the fault of autocorrect!

I know Miku, of course Hatsune Miku-06 (Smile) 
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Not milk Miku sorry auto correct
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It is so beautifulNeko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] 
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Looks a lot like Miku Hatsune. Could just be me though, anyway fabulous art! ^-^
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I am fairly certain that the main inspiration for Sona was indeed Hatsune Miku, though I don't know who exactly concepted her, anyway!
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Looks so cute <3
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