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cubeecraft template - long coat by MysterMDD
cubeecraft quadroped 'dog' template by MysterMDD
Female 2 cubee template by MysterMDD
cubeecraft template - fat by MysterMDD
How To Make A Cubee
How to make a Cubee by BobTheEgg
Cubecraft Dr Zoidberg step1 by ValecHax
Cubecraft Dr Zoidberg step2 by ValecHax
Cubecraft Dr Zoidberg step3 by ValecHax
Cubee Pictures
Glitch Tech Miko2 3D Cubeecraft by SKGaleana small by SKGaleana
Glitch Tech High Five 3D Cubeecraft by SKGaleana by SKGaleana
Cubee Daring Do, Trixie and AK Yearling by GrapefruitFace1
Cubee Jeff Lynne And His Spaceship by GrapefruitFace1
Comic Characters Cubee Patterns and Templates
Venom/Klyntar (Earth-TRN768) by superkamiguru5
Wolverine/Laura Kinney (Earth-616) by superkamiguru5
Cliffjumper (Marvel Comics) by superkamiguru5
Thanos PT 1 by superkamiguru5
Cartoon Show Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates
Daring Do Cubeecraft by GrapefruitFace1
Cubeecraft Starlight Glimmer by GrapefruitFace1
Cubeecraft Juniper Montage by GrapefruitFace1
Cubeecraft of Miko from Glitch Techs by SKGaleana
TV Shows Characters Cubee Patterns and Templates
Leafy CubeeCraft (Battle For Dream Island aka BFB) by DarwinFanofBoy112
Yoyo from Hoops  Yoyo Cubeecraft by DarwinFanofBoy112
Hoops from Hoops and Yoyo Cubeecraft by Gustavo N2 by DarwinFanofBoy112
Clarence Wendell CubeeCraft by Gustavo N2 by DarwinFanofBoy112
Horror Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates
Jigsaw by hollowkingking
Pennywise 3D [IT 2017] by JetPaper
Demogorgon by hollowkingking
Pinhead by hollowkingking
Sci-Fi Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates
Boil (Phase I) by superkamiguru5
Waxer (Phase I) by superkamiguru5
Commander Gree (Phase I) by superkamiguru5
Cutter by superkamiguru5
Fantasy Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates
Cubee - Warduke by CyberDrone
Jackalope Cubeecraft by scarykurt
Cubee - Arya Stark by CyberDrone
Cubee - Ned Stark by CyberDrone
Movie Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates
Gundala by hganugrah
Music Inspired, Bands Cubee Patterns-Templates
Kevin Cronin Cubeecraft by GrapefruitFace1
Computer Games Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates
Crewmate/Impostor from Among Us Cubeecraft by DarwinFanofBoy112
Anime-Manga Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates
Levi Ackerman by superkamiguru5
Celebrity Cubee Patterns-Templates
Bad Robot Cubeecraft by JagaMen
Sports Cubee Patterns-Templates
Antoine Griezmann by hganugrah
Advertising Cubee patterns and templates
Avenger Chuck E. Cubeecraft by james-j123
Celebratory Cubee Patterns-Templates
LGBT pride flag by hollowkingking
Misc Cubee Patterns-Templates
Glitch Tech Miko 2  Cubeecraft by SKGaleana small by SKGaleana
Other Cube Related Papercrafts
Bumblebee by aim11
Cubee Comics
Minions Comics by Tyumenb

Random from Featured

Eevee Cubeecraft by Naiiane Eevee Cubeecraft :iconnaiiane:Naiiane 6 4 cubeecraft space fanatic by emaciate cubeecraft space fanatic :iconemaciate:emaciate 0 0 Yumi Cubeecraft by Toon-Orochi Yumi Cubeecraft :icontoon-orochi:Toon-Orochi 48 14 Alien Toy Story - Cubeecraft by Garcho Alien Toy Story - Cubeecraft :icongarcho:Garcho 32 4 Arnold the Pitbull Cubeecraft dolls by DecaTilde Arnold the Pitbull Cubeecraft dolls :icondecatilde:DecaTilde 10 3 Two-face as Batman by MysterMDD Two-face as Batman :iconmystermdd:MysterMDD 15 1 Optimus Cubee 1 by pako0007 Optimus Cubee 1 :iconpako0007:pako0007 4 6 Snes Papercraft set - Finished by ryo007 Snes Papercraft set - Finished :iconryo007:ryo007 300 98 TFA Wreckgar Cubee by Maygirl96 TFA Wreckgar Cubee :iconmaygirl96:Maygirl96 15 63 chibiterasu by scarykurt chibiterasu :iconscarykurt:scarykurt 174 23 chibiterasu cubee front by scarykurt chibiterasu cubee front :iconscarykurt:scarykurt 86 10 chibiterasu cubee back by scarykurt chibiterasu cubee back :iconscarykurt:scarykurt 9 0 Portal Turret by KyleM1238235 Portal Turret :iconkylem1238235:KyleM1238235 2 0 cubee template by Flames2Earth cubee template :iconflames2earth:Flames2Earth 159 18 Cubeecraft Template - female by MysterMDD Cubeecraft Template - female :iconmystermdd:MysterMDD 31 0 Blank Rectangular Cubee by Shyguy20 Blank Rectangular Cubee :iconshyguy20:Shyguy20 10 10
Blank Cubeecraft Templates for anyone who wants to create their own cubee.








Information, Groups and Affiliates

Group for fans and customized Cubeecrafts. If you are Cubee artist of just love the little cubee people feel free too join and add your works. This group will hopefully collect all cubees and patterns on DA in one place for easy of find.

Cubeecraft created by Christopher Beaumont. :iconcubeecraft:

The main Cubeecraft website can be found here

************** PLEASE READ **************

Cubeecraft and Cube Related ONLY! No other papercraft please.

As this is a new group we need your art. so there is no limit at the moment on what cubees you add. but that might change down the line. Please be aware this might mean alot of cubees apearing in your inbox.

But if you wish to upload your cubee art make sure you uploaded them to the right folder.

Cubee Pictures cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Featured Cubee Templates ans Patterns cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Cubee art and Illustrationscubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Comic Characters Cubee Patterns and Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

TV Shows Characters Cubee Patterns and Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Cartoon Show Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Horror Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Sci-Fi Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Fantasy Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Movie Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Music Inspired, Bands Cubee Patterns-Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Celebratory Cubees including Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc...

Computer Games Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Anime-Manga Characters Cubee Patterns-Templates cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…

Celebrity Cubee Patterns-Templates

Other Cube Related Papercrafts cubeecraft-collect.deviantart.…
All othe cube related photos, Templates and Pattens.

Favourites folder is ONLY for blank Cubeecraft Templates. Easy to find for anyone who wants to create their own cubee.

i know if you are new to the club you may make mistakes by putting thins in the wrong folder and thats ok. just try to add them to the correct ones.

=======Another Cubeecraft sites=======

Anime Paper Toys

Cubeecraft Network

Cubeecraft fan club…

Paper Toy art

Other papercraft and origami groups you might be interested in

:iconcubee-club: :iconcubeecraft-on-da: :iconorigami-world: :iconpapercraft-corner: :iconwe-love-paper: :iconorigami-stars: :iconorigami-united:

Also my other group :iconback-to-the-1980s:
Hey guys!! I found out, through accident, that a user used my Beatles Cubees without permission a few days ago... The user took off any indication that it was my work, gave me no credit, and gave them different colored clothing... Now, I don't usually have a problem when someone ASKS me to do this (case in point, I had a user ask if they could take my Tenacious D Cubees and put them in the clothing they had for the movie, which I was okay with and got credit for designing the templates when they were posted), but when you blatantly try and steal my Cubees and other's... Well... That's just not cool...

I've already identified the 8 Cubees that were mine... I also found out who originally did the Sheldon Cooper as well as the Papa Smurf that doesn't look like the rest of them... These have all been reported to whomever checks into that on this site... There are, however, 4 that I don't recognize, and want to make sure that if they do belong to someone that they get reported and such...

If you have done a Beatles Cubee template that is covered with the Beatles logos and pictures, check it out here:… and report it (if you know who it belongs to, help them out and report it as well..).

There are also 3 Smurf designs:………

and I am also not sure if these are this user's work or not, but if they aren't, and you can provide a link... Please report them!!

In closing... Stealing other's artwork is NOT cool, and we need to help watch out for one another when these come up... So if you recognize someone else's work on a different Deviant's site (or perhaps even a different web page) don't hesitate to either report that to the site's admin or to the artist directly!!
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any problems that I can remove the publication had.
sorry, im bad english, used google jeje. 

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Could anyone make a cube of Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho?
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