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Undertale Rose Collection - Papyrus

By CubedCake
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This collection is about undertale characters relating to the color of roses

Papyrus - Orange Rose: enthusiasm, desire, and fascination

Kawaii Papyrus 

Rose Collection completed!


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Wow! The cultural meaning of the Orange Rose basically describes Papyrus's personalty in a nutshell XD.
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Aaaaa!!!! This is the most adorable thing!!!! Papy is so freaking adorable and just, BLESS!!! THE VIBE IS JUST SO SWEET AND GENTLE AND HE'S JUST SO PRECIOUS I COULD CRYYY D': ! 

I! I was wondering, I'm making a moodboard for my friend's birthday (she got bitten by a dog just a day before and had to be moved to the hospital and she's just so kind and precious and supportive and I love her so muchh) - and, haha, getting back to the subject- I was wondering if I could use your fanart with full credits of course, in this moodboard [The theme is Papy visiting her in the hospital and wishing her recovery and just, adorable fluff she so utterly deserves and your fanart works so perfectly with the theme >//< 
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Sure! Thank you for asking my permission! 
I wish your friend the best of luck in her recovery!
Hope she feels better soon! /;v;/ <3
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This is to cute. how did you make this?

im making a collection called Awsome Art

its gonna be featured soon.
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OMG HE SO cute Papyrus's Tears 
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An intelligent boy! A handsome boy! A boy of many talents! He also likes to pose for photos. 
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Nice~ :D (I love this! :D)
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I'm sorry for possibly looking creepy by favoriting all of these but they're so cute and well drawn ;U;
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No worries! Thank you for liking the Undertale Rose collection! :3
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Can I use this in my fanfiction? I'll credit you and if you want I'll send you a link.
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Sure! Thank you for asking! :D
A link is also appreciated! ^w^
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Your welcome and thank you! And here you go!… If its not to much do you think you could tell me what you think?
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Really like the chapters so far! You really nailed their personalities and the story connects so well! Keep up the good work! Thumbs Up :D
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Awww warms my heart almost cried nvm i did cry love this ❤️ 
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