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Return of the Sayajin: 5
Chapter 5
„Truth uncovered“
„Interestingly enough, it was
very easy to manipulate a
Sayan’s genes. Strengthening
effects could be reached with
minimal effort, but the Sayan
immune system constantly
changed back to the original
genetic sequence after only
one generation. To stop this
automatic countermeasure,
that was the real problem.”
Dr Zerik Dervin
“Tarsian/Sayan Breeding Program”

/Earth – Room of Spirit and Time/
Videl woke up and the first thing her eyes saw was the ghastly white ceiling she had seen ever morning since she had come to train with her friends. She felt tired and spent, but at least her body was no longer hurting from all the training. She must have slept pretty long. Blinking back tiredness, she tried to rise, but felt a light hand push her down again. When she turned her head slowly, she saw Vegetto sitting at the side of her bed, watching her with those unreadable black eyes.
“Easy there, you accomp
:iconsingsofdeath:singsofdeath 3 5
Return of the Sayajin: 4
"It is widely discussed when and how the
Fall of the Tarisian Empire started.
Generally speaking, the revelation of the
Tarisian-Sayan-Breeding-Program to
High Warrior Kavri is believed to be the
first decisive step towards that end.
This revelation and the consecutive
uproar in the remaining Sayan
population began to crumble the
foundations of Tarisian power."
- Dr. Gen Zukata
"Modern History of the Galaxy"

Morning dawned on the Capital World of King Tars's Empire. Kavri awoke, finding, as usual, that Ssiti was already awake and preparing breakfast for him. He closed his eyes again, once more going over the thoughts which had followed him into his dreams. His upcoming mission and the bad feeling he had in the pit of his stomach about it. Something big would happen on this mission, something that would fundamentally chnge the balance of things, but Kavri was not sure in what direction and what it would be. However, he knew he had to take Ssiti along with him.
:iconsingsofdeath:singsofdeath 2 2
Return of the Sayajin: 3
The Other Side
Jari’s first conscious thought was filled with panic. She had blacked out, had blacked out in a fight. She had to be dead. She had fought the monster that had been chasing her and had died. She hadn’t been able to take the revenge she had sworn to.
The moment of panic passed as she opened her eyes and realized she was not dead. She was in the Room of Time and Space and on the edge of her bed, she saw the man who had put new hope into her heart, Vegetto. He was looking at her with a light smile on his lips, as though happy about something.
“How long...did I?” she asked, sitting up slowly.
“Only an hour. You achieved a great deal in that first few hours of training and you deserved the little break.”
Jari was a little confused. The training with these people had been grueling. She had been hard pressed, driven to the very limits of her capabilities quickly, all her powers, all her tricks and even her most devastating attacks for nothing
:iconsingsofdeath:singsofdeath 2 2
Return of the Sayajin: 2
Chapter 2: Explanations
„I would suppose, you all want to know where I have been and what I have been doing, right?“Vegetto finally said, inclining his head in a questioning sort of way. No one spoke, but everyone except for Jari nodded. Vegetto chuckled feintly and nodded.
“I shall answer your questions in due time, but for now, we have a visitor and I believe she is rather hungry.” He looked to the Sayan girl and smiled an encouraging smile, urging her to follow him as he approached the place one of his halves had formerly lived in. He walked past the silent crowd of onlookers, not daring to show any emotional reaction, because he was not sure what kind of reaction he would actually reveal. So he entered his former residence and led Jari to the dining room where both of them sat down. Apparently, Videl, Trunks, Goten and Bra were currently being questioned as to where they had found him and what this strange girl was doing here, but Vegetto chose to ignore
:iconsingsofdeath:singsofdeath 4 2
Return of the Sayajin: 1
Disclaimer: This is a short story set
twenty years after the Boo Saga. It includes a view on what could
have happened if the Fusion between Vegeta and Goku would have been
permanent as it had been suggested. Also, there are some scenes which
include some very graphical language. So to put it clear, there will
be violence (Well, considering the Main Characters are
One-Man-Walking-Nuclear-Wars, who’d have guessed, eh?). You have
been warned.
Twenty years had passed since the defeat of the Demon
Boo. Twenty years in which no new threat had arisen on the world and
in which the fighters had not met a real challenge besides
themselves. It had been a peaceful time for Earth, but peace is
something that disquiets a warrior’s heart. So the heroes of the
last battle had spent their days practising. But peace is also always
interrupted at one point or the other and this is where the story
begins. The story of the
Return of the Sayajin
It was another peaceful day in the
:iconsingsofdeath:singsofdeath 6 3
Are you ready? by LUFCS Are you ready? :iconlufcs:LUFCS 5 3



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I really enjoy stroodle, not the food just the word. stroodle stroodle stroodle, it rhymes with poodle, eat it with noodles,

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