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FFFF - Pokemon Gym Leader Bea

By CuadrupleF
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FFFF - Gym leader Bea, enjoying the deal with a "Super Nerd" trainer too fan of her and her powerful and beautiful feet.


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BlueHokashi27's avatar

Lucky guy, I would smother my face in her feetsies. <3

CuadrupleF's avatar

You and anyone XD.

Many Thanks BlueHokashi :)

furryfucker609's avatar

God i enjoy feet lemme lick yours

doouche's avatar

Oh wow there's so much to love about this piece! Bea's pose, face, and outfit down to her recoloured headband all work really really well ^_^

CuadrupleF's avatar

Thank you so much Doouche ^^

OMGYAYman777's avatar

Perfect- you instantly became one of my favorite artists from day 1 with your first piece of art and this shows you still impress. Admittingly the only thing is i wish you did is an alternative version of some of your art keeping the faded reactions out that way you can fully see how much smothering is happening-i like the versions you can see of the feet and the face reactions but for me at least the visual of the nose and mouth completely smothered by the ball and toes is so damn sexy. I figure it wouldnt take too much work either-and its not for every single piece-just a few where the angle is so perfect where it really gets across the smothering.

Sorry...bit long there but your art is practically perfect-right next to bsflove and Mostlyfunstuff as some of the best ff art out there.

Just an alternate version of some of these would be perfect with just removing the fade effect and that would be all-but i get it if thats your specific style. Its just a suggestion after all.

Either way this is badass as always-and with the newest and best pokemon foot waifu. Would love to see a part 2 where she smothers this dude and she eats sweets in a similar vein to the art with the woman smothering the dude on the couch and giving him a handjob. Just remove the handjob-have her eating sweets (maybe a slice from a whole cake on a table nearby) and her having a cheeky mischievous smile showing her getting more into it. Maybe with some playful toes gripping the nose with the ball of her foot smothering his mouth and the other foot resting over the side of his face-covering his cheek and one of his eyes.

Will always look foward to see what you do next.

CuadrupleF's avatar

Thank you so much OMGYAYman777 ^^

On that of the transparencies in my drawings, I really started that with my first drawing here, the FFFF Aqua, because I thought that with how good those feet had been, it was a shame that they were lost from sight, so I had that idea that even today, I find it great so that those important details are not lost, instead of what to do versions according to opacity and that ... is not an idea that I like too much, I think that makes lose the "uniqueness" to the work, but who knows, it is a personal perception.

I hope you continue to like my work so much in the future

OMGYAYman777's avatar

Totally fair. Its your special style. However wouldnt hurt to experiment with different styles and alternate styles of the same drawing down the line-perhaps finding a balance between transparent and solid perhaps? But if you have gotten comfortable with your style i would get it if experimentation isnt on the brain. Many stick to what they know best and trust me that your best is truly some of the best out there in terms of ff art.

As always whatever it is you choose to do-i cant wait to see what you do next! ;)

MarioBro711's avatar
Well it looks like Bea finally found someone who likes her and her feet :)
CuadrupleF's avatar

One of many, I would say XDDDDD, Thank you so much MarioBro711 ^^

Brunodavid's avatar

I love, Impressive. :clap: :love:

CuadrupleF's avatar

Aganly, Thank you so much Brunodavid ^^

sagerdark's avatar
This an amazing work 😍😍😍😍😍
CuadrupleF's avatar

Thank you so much Sagedark ^^

FeetMan-16's avatar

Great work😍🦶

CuadrupleF's avatar
Dragondudde's avatar

I'd do more than smell & kiss Bea's hot feet. I'd lick, suck & nibble them, too.:love:

CuadrupleF's avatar

I'm sure of it XD, Thank you so much Dragondudde ^^

Dragondudde's avatar

No problemo, amigo.

caca33's avatar

Great, foot lick next

PiplupBoi7's avatar
Thunder-Bolt's avatar

Oh man this looks amazing, especially with the bare foot Bea=D

Good job^^

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