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[Commission 44] FFFF - Edmundo and Irina

By CuadrupleF
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Commission 44, FFFF – Edmundo & Irina from “Anonymous client”.

One night, the perverted Edmundo finds his sweet and naive sister Irina watching a movie in the living room of the house, a moment that he uses as an excuse to be near her, sharing the same blanket, and in a calculated and permissive way, Edmundo It will convince you to rub “a bottle of lotion” that can “shoot” the lotion in an uncontrolled way, which is why it does not remove it from under the blanket, these are their dialogues (They are not in the image because they would subtract vision):

Edmundo: Remember, my pretty Sister, rub the bottle of lotion gently, lovingly and slowly …

Irina: Ok, although this bottle … has a somewhat strange texture.

E: Don’t worry … oh … it’s a … oh … new kind of material … ouh ….

I: You’re okey? Do my feet bother you so close to your face? Do you want me to put them aside?

E: No! no no no no! They are very good where they are! ouh! They have … ouh, they have a very pleasant smell, ouh … a incredible smell…

I: That sounds kind of weird, but if you don’t mind … Hey …! Are you … kissing them?!

E: Ouh, yeah, is that … ouh … I love you, my little sister …

I: Um, well, I love you too brother, hey … this bottle … Is it harder and bigger than a moment ago?

E: OooOoo … y-yes, is that the material … OooOooh … and the lotion … OooOooh … they expand with the heat … OoOooh …. It is necessary for the lotion to come out! … OooOooh


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NEX-EXE's avatar

Love that close up. <3

CuadrupleF's avatar
NEX-EXE's avatar

Anytime dude. ^^

PhantomRacer177's avatar

Your artwork is perfect and amazing! Irina's feet looks so gigantic and beautiful, but what size are her feet?

CuadrupleF's avatar

Thank you so much PhantomRacer, :)

About sizes, I don't know, I never think about the sizes when I make the feet, I only think about them showing something, It sounds like I said this already XD.

PhantomRacer177's avatar

No problem and I understand! To me, I think Irina's feet could be a size 15 or larger. :XD: One more thing: What Irina doesn't know is that the "lotion bottle" she's feeling with her hands isn't really lotion at all. XD

CuadrupleF's avatar

Yes, the client originally intended me to make an alternative version, after time the "lotion" came out of the "bottle" XD, personally, I prefer to leave that to the imagination of the viewer XD.

PhantomRacer177's avatar

Ah right. Good point. :nod:

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Nintendorak's avatar
CuadrupleF's avatar

Thank you so much Nintendorak ^^

Nintendorak's avatar

I would rub her feet

Brunodavid's avatar
CuadrupleF's avatar

Many thanks, Brunodavid

yoyoboy357's avatar
Those soles are staring at me, gorgeous 🤤
fable118's avatar

Your work is just amazing I love these sexy feet :P

CuadrupleF's avatar

Thank you so much fable118 ^^

spen10's avatar

Only if uncensored

Thunder-Bolt's avatar

Beautiful job with this, love the view of those sexy soles and toes:heart:

CuadrupleF's avatar

Thank you so much Thunder-Bolt ^^

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