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Light Sonata pt.II

the 2nd pic from light sonata series ... enjoy

taken with 350D, 30s, 1/4.0 f

the blue light is from blue LED flashlight, the other one from a normal one.
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Wicked and chaotic! :D Awesome work.
pope151's avatar
6500 kelvin ftw =D
the23outsider's avatar
i love it! it's realy realy good.
bangjamz's avatar
nice work chris. jago lu...
gigge's avatar
wow that's awesome
False-Confessions's avatar
very nice, i like the motion and colors.
greyfin's avatar
excellent luminography.
too bad it's so small!
justbeingblu3's avatar
Awesome series. Do let me know if you add more to the series. Awesome capture. I'd like to know what light source did you use. I love the blue light! :D
ctvr's avatar
i used the LED flashlight and a normal one. thx for ur comment =)
justbeingblu3's avatar
Cool. Thanks for answering. Welcomes. :)
anchan06's avatar
:clap: :clap: sakti sakti,,bener bener sakti :worship:
ctvr's avatar
jgn gethu agh bro.. heuheuheuheu kebetulan ajah
chunkymonkey000's avatar
yup i like currently tryin a similar thing just not succseeding as well as u! well done!
somewisedude's avatar
wo, that's nice! fine choice of combination of colours! a bit excessive at the bottom i think but very nice :D
RandomLampy's avatar
Cool shot, the Randomlampy approves :D Have a scone :) :+fav:
greensorrow's avatar
Gorgeous ! What kind of light did you use ? Laser pointer or something like that ?
It's a fav anyway ;)
ctvr's avatar
no only a flashlight ... 2 diff. flashlight. one w/ LED and the other is only a normal one
greensorrow's avatar
Thanks for the information, I'll try my chance, it's really beautiful !
I'll be looking forward for your next creations :)
bye ! :)
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Really cool picture. Interesting that you used such a small F stop...may I ask why?
ctvr's avatar
i also dunno why.. hahaha i only set up the speed to 30s and the camera decided to chose the 4.0 ...
Elric-1's avatar
Thats awsome. Would you mind sharing with me how you achieved this result? Would love to have a go.
oOChristianOo's avatar
cool light painting!
ciesielka's avatar
it's uncanny! :+fav:
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