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RoundSound - Visulizer + Now Playing For Spotify

By CTurner314
RoundSound - Spotify & More Skin For Rainmeter

Wallpapers & Icons

A round visualiser with song information and track controls. Easy access settings window (double click the skin) makes the skin fully and easily customizable.

Please comment any suggestions as to things you would like included : ) 

Support me at if you enjoy the skin, every cent makes my day!

Works with:
- Spotify
- Google Play Music Desktop Player
- Windows Media Player
- MediaMonkey
- Foobar2000 --- Must download foo_cad plugin here
- iTunes
- MusicBee --- Must enable 'cd art display' plugin in 'edit preferences'
- WinAmp 
- J. River Media Centre

      - The original
VERSION 1.1 Beta
      - The original including scale option to change the size of the skin in settings 
      - includes the skin and a separate skin without visualiser and a slower update to minimise CPU usage
      - After a long wait we are back, Spotify still doesn't like plugins without a tricky workaround, so RoundSound V3.0 has all the functionality without cover art and progress indicator. I say that's a small price to pay for salvation. Download it today!
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sadly the album art doesnt show up :/

really like the skin! but, hidewhennotplaying?

also when youtube is playing (or whatever google is playing), the visualizer's playing too

For some reason, it is not letting me select a media player, hence the artist and the bar for duration arent popping up. Anybody else have this issue? Using iTunes.

Looks beautiful. Would you consider making it integrate with VLC Media Player? That would be excellent :)

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Unfortunately the supported players are decided by Rainmeter, and I can't currently get it to work with VLC. Hope you can still enjoy it with another program :)

Artist, and duration are not appearing for me. I am using Spotify, and I've had a few problems with VisBubble before. So if it's not something with my pc, then how do I fix it?

Still not much of a problem though, considering this already has what I'm looking for.

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Download the newest version, duration and cover art still won't appear due to an ongoing problem with Spotify plugins, but track, artist, and controls work perfectly :)

Hey! I can't get the album or song info to show up! I'm using iTunes
Hey ! My visualizer doesn't work anymore with Spotify and the download link is broken :(
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Download link works for me :/ I'll see what i can do about the visualiser and get an update out ASAP :)
Thanks :) By the way, you do an awesome job, I love it !
Hi, I have a problem with this visualizer: track info isn't displayed and cover remain the same. I think that it's something with Spotify Plugin and how it has been used here, because in others visualizer information about track and artist are visible

Catturaaa by Simonmarc2  
Resolved by downloading the new Spotify Plugin (2.1.6 Beta)
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This is a really great skin ! I like it alot, but I have a problem with it. The play, next and previous button don't work, I don't really know what to do and I don't want to remove it for that reason. I'm using Spotify. Could you help me with it ? Thanks in advance !
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Hi, this is an issue with the latest Spotify plugin unfortunately. The other players should work fine. Hopefully this is fixed soon, but unfortunately is out of my control.
First of all, I really like your skin, well done indeed =)
Though I do have one problem, that being that the skin without the visualizer enabled doesn't display properly, it always cuts off at the right and bottom side (see linked screenshot).
I'd be grateful if you'd help me out with this.
Thanks in advance =)
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Can you add a support for TuneIn Radio from Windows Store?
Overall this is excellent, somtimes its just kinda messed up if I don't have premium active on Spotify.
great! unfortunately, the visualizer didn't work for me. any idea what can I do to get it work? im using wmp btw
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Hi. I'm using this skin and loving it, but it doesn't display any track information from Spotify. The controls work perfectly, but there's no cover art, track name, album name, artist name, nothing. Any relevant settings I could change?
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Hey, glad you are enjoying the skin! Sometimes the Spotify plugin decides not to talk to Spotify and get song information. This can usually be fixed by exiting rainmeter and starting it up again, or if that doesn't work, restarting your computer might be the best option. I have tried to look into this, but it's an issue with the plugin. Hope that helps :)
I have a lot of songs burned from CD's onto my iTunes and it doesn't show the name or the cover art, is there any way to fix that?
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Hey, I don't personally use iTunes for my music so i'm not entirely sure... Does cover art and names show for other music on iTunes?
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