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Bayonetta fan art


A (fairly) quick "re-envisioning" of Bayonetta, my favourite witch at the moment :)

I was thinking about how outlandish and ingenious the whole concept is, and if there would be anywhere in fiction she could possibly fit in.

And the answer is, of course, Frank Miller's Sin City. She would feel right at home, and I can just picture her now throwing Marv through a window with a smile on her lips :)

So this is sort of a homage to Frank Miller's inky style from the early Sin City stories, Batman Returns, Ronin, that sot of stuff. Hope you like it!
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Can't see her face ... there is something in my way. ;)
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Wow!She looks great!!! *3*
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I don't think her chest was that big...
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nice i like the stile

We liked your picture very much and showcased it on our blog (link). We linked back to this page, crediting you as the author, of course. Hope that's alright.

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Awesome!! i loved it
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This is coooolll :3

I was actually searching for Bayonetta stuff on ebay and I can across this:


Now, I don't know if this is your ebay store or not..I just want to make sure your work isn't being stolen o-o!
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i really like not sure what to call this kind of art but i know it when i see's really elegant in it's simplicity..very sleek
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this is absolutely excellent ^_^
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Love the style! Very dynamic too! Thanks for the cool art!
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We like your fanart work and want to show it on our videogames website ( in our fanart weekly section ([link]

Of course the pic will be showed with your name and a link to this site, mentioning you as the as the original author.

We want to know if you agree with it. If you want to remove your picture from our web, plase, send me a mail ( or respond this message.
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that's absolutely fine as long as you credit me with link to this page.

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niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice !!!!
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awsome art i love bayonetta its a relly great video game !!! XD
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Since you replied already, i think a proper comment is in order.

i especially like the pose, it does the character justice in unlike a lot of other pieces where she simply stands around. the energey in this is simply perfect.

the shading is a little rough around the edges (literally) and i think the whole piece would benefit from a bit more contrast, which is why i punshed it up a notch before i set it as my new wallpaper ;)

Also i just realized – she is missing her guns on her heels! :o
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Thx for feedback! Much appreciated, and very good points.

Shading is indeed rubbish, I drew it very very fast with mouse, then scaled it up and I just didn't clean it up before ULing. I was considering maybe redoing the piece and doing it "properly", ie repose, relight, rerender, but... I dunno, it's such a fast sketch. If I redo it, I think I'll lose some of the "good" qualities as well as the rubbish in the cleanup process. You know?

Gunshoes are missing, yep - back when I did this, I hadn't actually seen how they would work in the game: there were no clear screenshots of the design, and so I ended up just having those beams shoot our from her heels. I know - v lazy...
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That pose is the definition of sex. :iconicameplz:
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