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May 9, 2005
A pixel ode to one of the more fascinating discoveries of our time. Willo: Dinosaur with a Heart by ~ctrl-alt-delete is a wonderfully detailed piece showing the bones of this fascinating creature and crafted to a “T”.
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Willo: Dinosaur with a Heart



Another submission for the timeline project at PixelGala.
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"Willo, the 66-million-year-old Thescelosaurus, was discovered in 1993 on a South Dakota ranch. Willo's heart was the first soft-tissue organ ever discovered to be preserved. It has four chambers and a singe systemic aorta, suggesting that the herbivore was a warm-blooded reptile."

This thing took me 2 months. Some days I'd spend up to 6 hours on it, some day's I'd be so sick of it that I wouldn't even bother. The background itself took forever. There are about 20 other backgrounds sitting in a folder that I'm not as happy with. The bones themselves look better on a solid color because the grainy dirt takes away from the detail in the skeleton, so here's a link to what it would look like alone. Gah! It's finally over! Now I can start on something new! I hope whoever sees this finds it worth their time.

Fun fact: I got to see Willo a few years ago on a school field trip! He's now in a museum in North Carolina, but of course his heart is off in a research lab somewhere. Just his skeleton is on display. I love dinosaurs. Always have.
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<3 Willow! <3
(Bleh, not a hearts and love texter...)