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July 2, 2007
Duel by ~ctrl-alt-delete is a brilliant idea for a double avatar, and impeccably executed. The details of the portraits would be fantastic just by themselves; the palpably 3D animation of the ghost figures make this avatar exceptional.
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twin avatars made for:
:iconhihoshi: :iconctrl-alt-delete:
~please do not use~

You might remember these guys dueling in the ballroom on Disney's Haunted Mansion ride.

Among the more viscous of Madame Leota’s wicked traits was that of being an indiscriminate flirt--leading on unwary suitors and at times playing one man against another. This was the case of Etienne Lalaurie and Antoine Germaine.

These two gentlemen were born on neighboring plantations and grew up the best of friends, always in each other’s company--drinking and gambling together. As the sons of wealthy men, Etienne and Antione were given the finest educations: together they attended various schools and were trained to duel in the fine art of self defense and chivalry.

While at the party of a mutual friend, they made the acquaintance of the evil Madame Leota. She danced first with one and then with the other, whispering wicked promises and lies, her eyes now gleaming with the excitement of her new game.

On the way home the two gentlemen shared stories of the night’s conquests. During the course of the conversation, the slanderous lies of Leota came to the surface. A fight ensued and the gentlemen challenged each other to a duel of pride. Seconds were chosen, a place named, and the duel was fought.

Each gentleman fired his pistol and was mortally wounded in the same breath. As they lay dying, the lies were exposed and they vowed revenge against Leota. They continue to haunt the Mansion to this day, still seeking their revenge.
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