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Here's my second stippling. It's a lot less intensive than the sea turtle due to 1) the paper is half the size, 2) the boarder takes up a lot of space, 3) no background, and 4) only half of each butterfly was stippled. So as you can imagine, it took considerably less time. I was just lazy, I guess. :D
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This really does look beautiful - the colour, the layout, the combination of textures really works to the feed the eye. Great stuff!
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Very impressive stipling - especially in the lettering. The painstaking effort makes the image itself flow effortlessly. Like this a great deal.
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wonderful , love it !
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very nice indeed :#1:

I like the yellow one the most.. for some reason it's got more depth, or something. but the other's aint bad, I'm not saying that =) and the idea of making the left wing with nothing but words is amazing.

would be nice to see more of this
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Very nice stippling :D Love the way u have done one wing as the name of the butterfly too
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Very beautiful indeed. When looking at the thumb I thought it was a stamped image, and just liked the compostion. Now that I see you've stippled it, I'm even more amazed! Did you do the gentle colour change of the writing as well? It looks fantastic, I can't wait to see what else you come up with in this style.
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Thank you! :) I thought changing the color of the writing might make the left wings a bit more interesting than having drawn them in a single color. I'm glad you noticed it! :aww:
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I really enjoyed looking at this! It's a really well put together and thaught out idea :aww: keep it up!
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It's very colorful, but the resolution is too boig!
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That's so pretty! I really like how you matched the colors on both sides of the butterflys! I could never do that and be happy with the result! ^_^ Great job!!!
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