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Omg Katara, stop t-posing u're flooding Ba sing se

Just found out that Atla on netflix! And Korra's coming soon too! YESHH! Time for a rewatch baby.

Also just realized that I haven't drew the Gaang yet, so here ya go.

The Gaang, from the The Last Airbender.
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The title had me crack up XDDDD

As, stunning art work!

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context: me & the boys bouta go fuck up ozai

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Such a brilliant artwork of my favorite show with such a hilarious tittle - this made my day. :heart: Big Laugh Baekhyun

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Suki nearly looked like Kyoshi at an angle

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The poses are so dynamic, I love it!!

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this piece is amazing!!!!

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Absolutely fantastic! Makes me think of a story after the original series ended.

I will photoshop editing background removal of 120 images 12 hours

Full View Here :

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So much energy! I love it✨
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Awesomely well done
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Fun Piece. Well Done.

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Fantastic work. You captured the epicness of the series so well! Really great. :)

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Love how you included Suki in here. She tends to be overlooked.

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I like the clean linear and coloring

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Wow, this is amazing.

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This is is mesmerising and dope, great job! I can't get over ATLA and no one should lol

Also, I feel like Team Avatar is one of the things I would draw first when, or if, I get a drawing tablet :)

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Team Avatar back at it again!
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This is amazing. Makes me want to relive my childhood.

Korra was not bad of a TV show. However, I wish they could have reanimated the old Team Avatar 20 years later and the adventures they probably had then.

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I want a future series to be post comic pre Korra following the adulthood of the 'Gaang'

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