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Getting a Character

In order to begin in CTnet, you must first obtain a character.  This is done by obtaining a Starter Voucher.  You can get a Bronze Starter Voucher when you join, or you can get other vouchers through other means, such as events or purchasing adoptables.

You may notice that your Bronze Starter Voucher has empty bars next to it, these can be filled to upgrade it to a Silver Starter Voucher by drawing NPCs from the group gallery.

Having a character is important, as they will help you get anything else you may want for the group.

Go to the Redeem Vouchers journal entry and comment with the following:

  • The Voucher you want to redeem
  • What you want to redeem it for
  • Any customization you want (class, gender, etc.)
Once you have your Starter, there's a lot of things you can do.

Going Exploring

In CTnet, there are a variety of areas to explore.  In order to explore these, you must choose an area to explore.  Comment on the Explore journal with the short ( link to the Character you want to explore with and up to two Companions, as well as the name of the area.  You will be given a prompt, which you can either write or draw from to get items, Seeds (group currency), experience, and more.  You can explore as many areas as you like as long as you can keep up with the prompts.

Burst Shards

All creatures in CTnet are capable of being given a Burst Form using Burst Shards.  
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