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Just Like You

More RD and Scoots, at the beach!

This background is heavily inspired by KP-ShadowSquirrel's pictures: Nice Catch! and It's a beautiful day for a ballgame...

Hope you enjoy it! :)
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awwwwwww... I've never seen my boss like this. Must be from before the incident....
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season four: soon...
ProjectRKA's avatar
Why is this not in 1080p ? :(
RainB00M-Dash's avatar
Why is this not a SVG?
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Awwww! :iconawwloveplz: Scootaloo is just precious here. Spreading her little wings....
Dakathi666's avatar
Awesome. I would like to see one of these for the other crusaders. 
cajobif's avatar
Awwww...... Scootalove.

How can you be so damn adorable and sweet to watch? I know we are getting more in season 4.

Beautiful work
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That make my day :3
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:icondashhiyaplz: :iconsaysplz: Should we play a ball game?

:iconscootaloohappyplz: :iconsaysplz: I'm on!
whoeveriam0iam14222's avatar
snake ponies with long legs? that's why I see.
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Aw... Cute sister-sister time!
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This is beautiful! I love how Rainbow Dash is so much like an older sister to Scootaloo! Your style has definitely improved! Your old style was more soft and bubbly,you new style is still bubbly but its also very smooth now! There is less shading then I remember but maybe that is just me? Your backgrounds are wonderful! Mucg better than I could do! I love this so much!
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You always have such great colors, but to be honest, their shapes are a bit weird.
mentorwithdentures's avatar
Love their expressions here, nice job :D
WAMIX-awesomeness's avatar
This is awesome, and now I know there's something different about the style now. The outline is coloured.
WAMIX-awesomeness's avatar
Maybe it's the shadowing effect?
WAMIX-awesomeness's avatar
And with the darker outline, it seems there is no... shine? sheen? I can't put my finger on it.
Northwestcore's avatar
Awesome job. I love it. :D
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