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Jedi Knight Twilight

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With apologies to Relient K, "May the Horse be with you."
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"Much to learn, you still have."
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Twilight is one with the forces

Twily: what the Force?

Its a energy field created by all living thing
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Cool picture! Twilight is best Jedi, lol.
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thats a good color on twilight
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Awesome crossover! And I love the details on her light saber as well, it's not just a silver stick next to a pony Jedi, nice design.
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I suppose she would be Luke?
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Hmm, from the color of her robes, I'd say closer to Obi Wan. Then again the boots look closer to what Anakin wore...
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And we all know what happened to Anakin.
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Awesome crossover! :D
I love this pic, like A LOT! However my OCD won't allow me to go away without pointing out Twilight's horn is rounded at the end. Honestly though, it's not like I could do anything anywere near this good and "to hell" with the overly picky part of my mind.  Well done, LOVE it.
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This must be the picture taken before she became a sith. le gasp la 
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Go, and may the elements be with you.
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May the hoof be with ye !
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Remember Twily, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him.
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That is so  awesome.
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no. ok? You bronies can keep your ponies but leave mah Star Wars alone.
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Very nice. I love the lightsaber handle. 
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