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More humans. Humans are hard... Enjoy! :)

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Hard to share the spotlight, huh?
AlienSteel23's avatar
Awesome, but where's Applejack?
Ziricorn's avatar
She's just a background pony. Like Flutterbutt.
cajobif's avatar
Sseroxy's avatar
wheres aj? and rainbow and I have somethings in common,one being ego
TooCliched's avatar
Dash, you can't do that to Sunset!
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timfortune9's avatar
Dash, you don't do that to Sunset.
She's your rhythm guitarist. You have to remember to do that to the bassist and AJ's right over there.
VentralPlace58's avatar
OK rainbow I know Sunset looks like a leaning post but she's not, she's a person
ooReiko's avatar
wow so pretty =)=)
Makenshi179's avatar
Aah, the Gibson Les Paul Standard... Perfect choice!! Now Pinkie needs a Yamaha Hipgig set and Rarity a Korg RK-100 keytar :D
Awesome work!
usoutlaw's avatar
this is what i hear when i look at this only you know in the pony girls voices not squeaky
DarthWill3's avatar
You girls ROCK!!! :headbang:
WubcakeVA's avatar
Great job with the instruments! A lot of people struggle with drawing them, you did a great job here! And of course, love how you draw your humans :)
db1993's avatar
Awesome job.
Amoux-Ilta's avatar
They are indeed hard, but you did a fantastic job with this! ^^
CTB-36's avatar
Glad to hear that, thanks! :aww:
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can you make a rainbooms play gif do it rainbow rocks style

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