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Are you smiling yet?

Something I did a bit ago, I think it was before I drew Pinkie Portrait

I was messing around with a bit of different shading stuff. I hope you like it! :iconpinkiesmeelplz:
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xNickTheBestx's avatar
Pinkie, sweetie. you ALWAYS make me smile :aww: :heart:
KrazyKari's avatar
Always smiling with you, Pinkie Pie! :heart: 
Stuntpony's avatar
No, I'm not smiling.

I'm grinning. X) Widely. I can't do anything else with that pink one is near by.
SLB94's avatar
no but I'm dieing of adorableness :)
ZeoChangling's avatar
Love it, Pinkie is such a card :D
Davey-the-6th-moon's avatar
I love the energy! It fits Pinks very well! ^_^
PaperMatt202's avatar
I love Pinkie, she's so cute...

But her portrayal in Filli Vanilli...  my goodness...
DonZatch's avatar
That smile is contagious :D. Somehow you made Pinkie look even cuter XD
Botboy41's avatar
When I See yoru Cuteness Pinkie, I Can't stop Smiling, I Love you that Much X3
Geechan1's avatar
Yes. Yes I am. I only lasted 0.5 seconds before a smile plastered upon my face. Only Pinkie. :D
DarthWill3's avatar
We sure are, Pinkie! You're just too cute to ignore!
cajobif's avatar
I smile just looking at her. Her smile is contagious.
Breevsto's avatar
Your drawings are always so fucking cute!!!
BramGroatonDA's avatar
Indeed I am smiling now! :)
MoonlightBlume's avatar
Adorable super happy Pinkie!! I love it!! ^__^
FeatherWishMLP's avatar
It's very cute! :love: Her expression is just absolutely adorable!
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