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Air Show

Rainbow Dash doing a flyby for fun, not that the CMC mind. I'll let you imagine what Fluttershy is doing here, maybe the CMC are staying at her cottage again and she's picking them up?

Some of the face style here is inspired by this: The Mane 12

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for looking! :)

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Hey, maybe RD will preform another sonic rainboom and the CMC will get their cutie marks :P
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Nice Job;) (Wink) Yeah guess you could say that's what it looks like:D (Big Grin) 
GamziMakr's avatar
So colorful! X)
Blackvegetable's avatar
Those looks of joy really are worth seeing, aren't they? :aww:
ShauntalTheShadowFox's avatar
oh my goodness I love their eyes~~~!!!
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
My favorite Mane Six and my favorite little cutie pony trio! :aww: Your MLP artwork is always so colorful and fun. :)
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Wooow!!! What a lovely, colorful and cute scene!!! Truly love it!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
Tw33tch's avatar
CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously though, nice work :)
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Good job, this is very well drawn.
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I really love how you colored this piece, nice work 0_0!
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Awesome work and details :)
ElectricPoodle's avatar
Scootaloo! :heart: This is so cute! I adore the coloring you did in this!
DeJiKo07's avatar
This is so cute! :)
Maddison-Starstruck's avatar
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Can't really describe why I like this, so I'll just say that I do.

Going into my fave bin.
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Scootaloo: I told you that Rainbow Dash was awesome!

Wonderful work.

Did you know? This is tonight's header:…
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