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Astral Witch

6/4/2012: Astral Witch. Based off of a character from a dream I had a while back.

The Astral Witch is a legendary being of seemingly supernatural origin that has occasionally visited Thrynn throughout much of the planet's history, although her true home lies somewhere beyond the heavens. She has been thought to possess the power of foresight, allowing her to sense events long before they come to fruition. She has appeared to use this power to commit rather questionable deeds across centuries of recorded events, shrouding her true intentions in mystery.
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I love it when people make dream charecters!
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Beautiful work !
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Amazing! The colors are so beautiful!
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Thanks! Glad you like it. =)
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Neat, incrediable values.
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I luv dem details!
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I love the colours you've used here! Sounds like you have very interesting dreams xD
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I've trained myself to be able to remember at least a dream or two each night; they're definitely fun to paint out when I wake! In this dream, this character was warping around through a well-defended medieval keep and kicking all sorts of butt in hand-to-hand combat.

It was definitely one of the coolest recent dreams I've had. Much more awesome than one about a dynamite-clad buffalo riding a bicycle strapped toward my house...
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That sounds awesome! :XD:
You must be very imaginative. I had one where a blue, flying bear was helping me to escape from some zombies... Yeah. xD
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Thank goodness the Care Bears will be there to protect us in the event of a zombie apocalypse. =P
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Indeed, what would we do without them!? xD
I have an odd image of care bears hacking down zombies now...
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Thanks a bunch!
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Beautiful colours!
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