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I'll be at Fanexpo next weekend in Toronto.

If you are attending, come by and say hi! I'll be in Artist Alley P 7A

See you there!
I'll be at the convention center next week at P 18. Should be a fun show. Stop by and say hi!
My next con will be Fanexpo 2013! Aug22-25.P75 More info here:

Exclusive print for Girls Night out available this year! From Amy Chu's Alpha Girl Comics presenting Jackie and Rosie!

GNO Pinup by Csyeung

This year should be a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!
I'll be at C2E2 this year. Come by and say hi. I'll be at C11A!
I'll be at wondercon in LA. Hope to see some west coast friends there =D.
I'll be at this local show. If you're attending, come by and say hi! =D
Xmen Legacy 2 out this wednesday Nov 28!

Cover by :icondeadlymike: , written by Simon Spurrier and penciled by Tan Eng Haut!

Montreal Comic con was a blast! Great to see some new fans as well as some old ones! Some pictures can be seen at…

I'm currently inking the new Marvel NOW Xmen Legacy. Cover by the awesome :icondeadlymike: , written by Simon Spurrier and penciled by Tan Eng Haut!

Out Nov 14
Sept 14-16 I'll be at the Montreal Comic con. If you are going, come by and say hi! I'll be at 1706 alongside Adrian Alphona, Mike Del Mundo, Marco D'alfonso and Valentine Delandro!

More info here:
Edit: I'll be at P50B in Artist Alley.

Next con I'll be at is Fanexpo Canada, Aug 23-26. Check it out, it's a great show! More info

If you'd like a precon commish for pickup. Hit me up early so I can get it done in time.

will be at this weekend march 10 and 11. Stop by and say hi if you are going!
Sorry for the lack of updates. Been away visiting family. I'm back now so I should have a bit to upload. First off is some Dungeon Dolls cards. This set was officially released a couple of weeks ago so I'm a bit behind the ball on throwing up the scans =P. More info on the set can be found at… .

DD Base Card art by Csyeung

Dungeon Dolls 001 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 002 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 003 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 004 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 005 by Csyeung
Dungeon Dolls 006 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 007 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 008 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 009 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 010 by Csyeung
Dungeon Dolls 011 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 012 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 013 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 014 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 015 by Csyeung
Dungeon dolls 016 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 017 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 018 by Csyeung Dungeon dolls 019 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 020 by Csyeung

Chainmale subset

Dungeon Dolls 021 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 022 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 023 by Csyeung Dungeon Dolls 024 by Csyeung Dungeon dolls 025 by Csyeung
Thanks to everyone that showed up to say hi this past weekend at NYCC. It was good to see old and new friends. I never get enough time to say hi to everyone and there were a lot of people I missed =(. It's a big con and I barely had any time to walk around. I'm thinking of going to some smaller cons though where I think it will be less hectic. Big thanks to all those that came by for sketches or prints!
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Next week I'll be at NYCC. You can find me in Artist Alley U5! You can find me by spotting my banner as well =D bannerstand 2010 by Csyeung. Just to tide you over till I get back, here is an image I did for this year's NYCC. See a full res version at my table! Yellow scarf thumb by Csyeung Also Rich Douek will be selling copies of a short I did for him. More info here:…

I will be situated by :iconloganlee: and :iconshugga: and :iconianstruckhoff: Stop by and say hi!!!!
I have a blog, but that's mostly to update recent finished work. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing a separate sketch blog from me. Mostly less refined work/ sketches/ prelim work. Please comment pros and cons! Anyone else got a sketchblog?

------So I decided to incorporate my sketchblog into my existing blogger since I've already customized that and would lead to less confusion. Look forward to seeing more sketches and prelim work I'll be adding. Also please feel free to use the social media share buttons I've added =D. (Reddit, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Google+) . My blog is Thanks!------



NYCC is fast approaching (Oct 13-16)! I will be there sitting beside my longtime friends :iconshugga: and :iconloganlee: If you are headed to the con, please stop by and say hi! I'll be at U5 in Artist Alley!
NYCC is fast approaching (Oct 13-16)! I will be there sitting beside my longtime friends :iconshugga: and :iconloganlee: If you are headed to the con, please stop by and say hi! I haven't gotten my table assignment yet, but will let you all know once I do! I'm also finishing a 5 page short for another indy writer at the moment and starting up some inks on a new book.

Edit: ******My table assignment at NYCC is U5******** I am closer to the back a few rows over from last year.

Deathlings trailer
After a year of hard work from Michael Marcynuk and Jon Gong, each taking time out from their busy lives to dedicate precious time into this endeavor, we present to the world the Deathlings trailer! It's a part trailer / part motion comic experiment that somehow I managed to convince them both to take on =P. The original short story was written by Ian Struckhoff :iconianstruckhoff:, pencilled by me and colored by Juri Hayasaka :iconjurithedreamer:. (which can be found in its entirety ,as well as several other short stories, in printed form at:… )

Follow the youtube link to see! Thanks for checking it out!
Thanks to all that come out to FanExpo and said hi! Was great to see fans new and old =D. Hope you had lots of fun too! It was long and exhausting though. Thanks to the FanExpo staff for everything!

Next con: NYCC! Oct 13-16!
Fan Expo is coming up next weekend! . I will be at P021A.  If you are coming, come by and say hi! I will be in AA. Hopefully I'll be organized by then =P. In other news, Marvel Universe card set is coming out from Rittenhouse late October… . I did some cards for this set in a slightly more refined style than I did in previous sets. With more work coming up, I've had to pass on a few sets. Will see how things shape up later in the year as I have some prior projects to finish. Currently working on inking some Xmen Legacy =D.
I'll be at Fan Expo in Toronto Aug 25-28 and New York Comic Con later this year Oct 13-16 .
SDCC was a lot of fun! Best part as always was hanging out with friends and seeing a bunch of people I've made friends with online and worked with over the years. This year I spent the week with :iconloganlee: and :iconshugga: Was awesome to see them again. I see them maybe 2 or 3 times a year now cause they live in RI. Also got to catch up a bit with :iconceeceeluvins: and got some sneak peak on her new projects , one of which is live: (check it out! It's free!) , :iconduss005: who is always upbeat and a great guy, :iconpeter-v-nguyen: who I got the chance to work with on the Black Widow FI tie in. Also managed to meet several new editors as well and got some feedback on my art. Interestingly, they liked my pencils more than my inkwork which gave me a bit more confidence in my pencils =D. The Big two booths were hopping with people! Been a while, but a ton of people every day from what I saw!

I also met and talked to a few artists that I've met online. :iconfranchesco: was a great guy and fun to talk to. Awesome artist as well.

Also finally met :iconblasterkid: One of, if not my favorite inker, and a super artist as well.

Grabbed sketchbooks from :iconadamhughes: and :iconterrydodson:

Got myself a suckerpunch statuette too!

I probably missed a ton of artists, but they were all wandering around too heh. Great weather, got a bit of a tan, watched the awesome CAP movie! Go see it!