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Rom spaceknight Silver Surfer Nova Quasar

water colors, felt pens, graphic pen on 8 1/2 X 11 paper. I thought it was long past time to have these guys all together.
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Watercolors are awesome.   Everyone should learn them.
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I hear ya, some where along then line I really took to water colors.
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ROM's one o' the cool kids. Hahaha.
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nice vision of The Cosmic Avengers.
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thanks. it's not another cosmic themed piece but I'm actually working on some new fan art that features Rom with other Marvel superheroes I should have it done by the end of the weekend. did you used to read the Rom series back in the day or did you discover him later on?  
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I read the first series of him when I was a kid.  I always liked robots so comics that featured robots, androids or cyborgs, I picked up.
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well thanks for getting back to me on that amigo. here's some more Rom fan art with other Marvel superheroes including something i just uploaded a few minutes ago…
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Was never a fan of Nova or Quasar...

Rom versus Silver Surfer? That would be awesome! (Silver Smackdown!)
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aw man no love for Nova or Quasar!? i don't hear that too often. as for Rom and the Surfer i'd figure them more likely to be allies then enemies. after all they have so much in common. later today i'll be posting some fan art i found here on the Rom blog that features a slew of Marvel characters including the two before mentioned silver guys. but first i'm making a trip to my local comic shop today for free comic book day :)
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I don't recallROM ever meeting Nova in the `80's. Another lost opportunity in comicdom.
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here's a summery of ROM#24 and as you will see Rom and Nova have indeed teamed up before [link]
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Cool to see them all together! Would make for a nice team!
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hence the inspiration for this piece.
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Love it,but i would put Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock instead of Nova and Quasar!
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Good idea bringing these four together! I , mean, how could you go wrong including Rom?!

I like the way the page is divided with the curved line of the planet. And thanks for including the classic Nova! Can't buy that so-called revamped version I've seen they've been peddling.....
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Who are they battling?
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this is where your imagination comes in my friend :)
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Why can't they bring Rom back? *Sigh*
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because my dear God hates us. but this might make you feel a wee bit better [link]
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My dear, God doesn't hate us. Marvel, the company who made Rom, hates us. They give us crappier and crappier things every year, mostly because they had been bought by Disney.
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Mwhatevr hate you had for marvel was well in the works before Disney purchased them
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agreed! and don't even get me started with DC and their lame reboot.
DominotheFembot's avatar
I'm not trying to get you started, but which reboot are you speaking of?
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