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ROM vs hasbro and marvel legal red tape

To marvel and hasbro, if you assholes can't do something right then please just don't do it at all…
The situation with ROM's legal problems is so fucked up. hasbro, which already produces marvel merchandising owns the rights to ROM yet all they've done in all these years was to come out with some stupid commemorative heromug doll (2013 San Doego Comic-Con). On the other hand marvel keeps trying to write ROM related story lines that always turn out like shit (most recently in The Annihilators, Avengers Academy and Infinity) largely because they can't include ROM himself in them. I've corresponded with people from both companies over the years and it seems like it will take an act of God to get a straight answer out either company why they can't work out a new deal to allow ROM to appear again in the marvel universe. 
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Interesting way of commenting
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Well said friend!Thumbs Up 
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it's really just me bitching but thanks anyways.
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Didn't Hasbro go out of business or something?
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no they're still very much around.
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I say that because aside from that shitty ROM heromug doll Hasbro produces a number of marvel's Avengers action figure lines including the ones for this weekend's Age of Ultron line.
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Never understood Marvel ... I think the same thing is going on with the Micronaughts.
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The Micronaughts have the same problem that The Shogun Warriors have.  They were both toys created by Bandai and resold into the United States by Mattel.  So the rights a very complicated, especially for Shogun Warriors since the designs where based on characters from Anime and Manga they were licensed from.

Mazinger Z is a famous Japanese Manga, the robot in that story's design was used for Great Mazinga

Voltes V (An automobile version of Voltron) is Combatra/Combattler

Super Robot Chogokin Reideen/Raideen is also from another Japanese Manga

Planet Robot Dangard Ace is from Super Robot Wars

Tosshu Daimos and Vyking where two others all from the same series, Super Robot Wars, that used stories from various Japanese Manga.…
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it won't quite be the ROM or Micronauts we remember from the marvel 80s but indeed they are coming back next year it's confirmed…
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i think you'll dig this marvel 80s wraith war tribute with The Vision and ROM…
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I know about the Micronaughts ... and I had heard about the problems with the Shogun Warriors too.
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