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ROM spaceknight Election Year 2020

Just ask yourself, who would The Greatest of The Spaceknights vote for in November? Let's make America dire wraith free again. Bravo to you if you can spot the political easter egg in this piece.…
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Very nice brother! I haven't be on here on a regular basis but it's good to see you're still giving ROM his props!!

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Good to hear from you ma brother! I hope you’re holding up ok during this God awful shitty year. You may find this interesting. This latest fan art piece was something else I did a few years ago but recently decided to turn into something new and better

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great rogue gallery! The Hybrid was the greatest nightmare fuel of my childhood. Good job drawing those Wraiths!

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You may find this interesting amigo. This was done from an old draft I did back in 2016 which I recently decided needed to be re-worked into something different

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It's all so clear now ;P

Awesome art :#1:

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Right on! And great sketch as well!

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thanks. i just finished it tonight but i'm still trying to decide if i'm really happy with the way it came out. anyways, i got back from a trip to Oregon last week and i saw something on the highway just south of Portland that any Transformers fan would love. i wasn't able to get a picture of it but fortunately i found plenty online check it out

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