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Dire Wraith War tribute with ROM and The Vision

By csuhsux
Been meaning to do something with The Vision ever since I saw The Avengers movie but don't forget The Avengers under Vision's leadership were among Earth's super heroes who were part of the war for more details go to…
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Nice work with this pic. Will you be reading the all-new "ROM the Spaceknight" comic from IDW?
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eh, well see i'm having a LOT of mixed feeling about what i've been seeing so far.
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Rom deffinately rocks! Vision was a fave of mine from waaaaaay back (I'm old) great to see them teamed up. Wonderful rendering.
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thanks, ROM will be back in comics next year but unfortunately we won't to see him and Vision fighting together against the dire wraiths like they did during the marvel 80s. the rights to ROM were recently bought by IDW Publications.
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Snappy team!  Saw the Avengers flick with my wife,  She liked it better than the first but i didn't!  Its cool,  (Spoiler Alert)if you haven't seen it Quicksilver dies and that was a surprise since it seemed to be aiming to off Hawkeye!  I prefer the first film though.
I like the make-up job they did on Paul Betteny,  he fits the role. Great drawing as usual!
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there's some info just below the art work that wouldn't be a bad idea for you to have a look at.
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I didn't read the blurb below the art,  as kids today say:  "My bad!"  Sorry.  (I still like the drawing though!) ;)
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it's all good, we'll just chalk it up to the low attention span internet age we all live in.
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I chalk it up to the fact that i shouldn't do my reports AND surf the net at the same time!I'm going to slap some sense into you! (Better wake up Sargent!)
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Nice drawings, but i DO NOT support "The Brillo-Pad" one iota! If you do sorry old friend, you and i separate on that subject. (but i still like Rom!)

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Well if you noticed, the “Brillo pad“ is among a montage if dire wraith enemies of ROM. And the dire wraiths are shape shifters. so, there’s a political message there.

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Good homage. I have always respected the Vision. For me, his greatest moment was when he fought the Silver Surfer in a volcano, while he was thinking he attacked Wanda.  I would draw the cape around his neck a little bigger though, almost like Spawn
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check out what i just found it's incredible…
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ah i know what piece you're talking about now that you mention it i can see the Spawn influence there. i also always liked The Vision i had this idea about doing a Vision ROM homage since seeing The Avenger Age of Ultron. then a couple weeks later i discovered a wraith war reference The Vision makes in this Avengers back issue in a discount box (i love finding that sort of stuff for the ROM blog). that was the final inspirational push to draw this. i'm really happy the way this turned out i think it's the best fan art i've done since my ROM vs The Brood piece.  
Going to have to re-watch ROBOCOP (1987). Must have missed those ROM issues.
Another great picture, a cool Rom idea.
Speaking of Sal Buscema, picked up his book recently (Sal Buscema: Marvel's fast and furious artist.)- highly recommended. Great artwork from the 70's through to present day.
Sal was a great story teller and draughtsman, sometimes let down by poor inkers (Vince Colletta, I'm looking at you.) Great interviews with the man as well as some Rom artwork and extensive interviews.
Strangely Sal hated Akin and Garvey's inks on ROM.
Which surprised me as they really injected some depth and texture with their work.
Check it out true believers!! 
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i love Sal's classic style but I also love Akin n' Garvey's inks they add such depth and richness to an artists pencils. but I do know some Buscema purists out there who won't tolerate anything that alters his classic angular pencils. what really always pissed me off was steve ditko replacing Sal on ROM. his past achievements aside, the work he did in the 80s and 90s was awful. ditko's retro "cookie cutter" style of penciling was very flat and uninspiring compared to the dynamic art styles of greats like Sal, Michael Golden, John Byrne, Alan Davis and Mike Zeck. as for the ROM comic cover appearances in Robocop look no further then here…

great comment by the way thanks for leaving it.
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Real cool! ^_^
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thanks for checking it out.
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Don't mention it. ;)
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Pretty cool stuff man. Sal Buscema is a great artist to study because not only could he draw well but because his panel to panel storytelling is excellent.
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and what a tragedy it was when he left ROM. steve ditko who took over the penciling duties did a god awful job on the series almost made me quite picking up the book at the time.
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