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Just a sort of surrealistic digipaint here. I'm trying out new things with my style. Ffff. Anyhow, I recorded a video of this so I could remember how I made it, since I'm going to speed it up for myself would anyone like me to post it so they can see it from start to finish?

Print is available [link]

Edit: Now I have hosted/put together the process video. :> [link]
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Absolutely gorgeous. LOVE the coloring!
csswolfe's avatar
Thankyou darling!
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This is pretty much beyond beautiful....just so you know
It turned out amazing. How you paint, blows my mind <3
csswolfe's avatar
Oh my gosh shush. You're making me blush darling. Ffff.
knockingghosts's avatar
That stomaccchhh-a-ch-cha.

Jesus, it is nice to see someone who can paint part of anatomy I struggle with drawing like that.
csswolfe's avatar
Stomachs are hard as hell, either I can draw one or I can't.
ffff, never a middle ground.
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Your process video...can you give me the name of the songs that you put for the background C: i really like all of them ^u^
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this is amazing
and that process video is really captivating *C*/
you're a wizard
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Oh this is amazing *-*
I like the concept.
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beautiful work! I am glad to see you evolving and doing different things with your style :) I have always felt as if you had a darker side to you and to see it coming out so beautifully in your art is awesome. This seems so sensual! You should try drawing more erotica next time : D I think you would do well in it. XD
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Every time you mention my darker side it comes out a little more. Fahfhg. I havent really drawn much erotica, my anatomy skills are not so hot. But thankyou so much for this sweet and thoughtful comment. I need to take a page from your book.
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Loved her belly.
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I dig your painting process, it's fun to stare at :B I envy the way you do lines, they're so clean and the anatomy is spot-on! It looks like she's having a sort of out of body experience or something -- since she's covering some of the bed maybe her physical body is still over there :D Or is there a different concept behind this? Either way I find a lot of your works very surreal :)
csswolfe's avatar
Thankyou! Sometimes my anatomy can be okayy...Not always though!! Ahahaha. But thankyou, yeah she is actually having an experience much like that. She's from a comic I've kind of abandoned, but I still have the story in my head. In this image there's a demon going into her unconscious and manipulating her thoughts/dreams. :>

Thankyou though, this is a great compliment. I love to leave things open ended so everyone can try and have their own take on it rather than my boring little one.
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Can i ask what it is you did at around 5 minutes on the video? Im guessing it's some kind of layer mode or something but you can't see it (i dont think)

Thanks xD
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:> It is a layer mode. What I did was drop in a base color in a topmost layer and then I went through all the layer modes (multiply, overlay, soft light, hard light) to find something I liked best and then I thinnk I settled on overlay, on that same layer I picked the colors for her and dropped them in. :>
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Thank you!!!!1
(also i think you should tell me what the music in the background is because i demand that information ^_^ )
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She's quite big comparing to bed, shoe, ect. I guess it doesn't matter as much since it suppose to be surrealistic picture, though she's so realistic and the room is also, it's just a bit weird. Nevertheless, I love the melting effect of the room and atmosphere here :)
csswolfe's avatar
It's supposed to be like, perplexing that way. :> I guess you could say that was my intention. She's in a dream being manipulated so I wanted to have a sense of reality but just something is /off/ you know what I mean? But thankyou.
Mirix's avatar
Ah, I understand, true! Indeed, it has a dreaming feeling to it ^^ You're welcome :)
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It looks like the universe is disintegrating on the left, and it's spreading! D:
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Ahh no, you're right. :P fff
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