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  • Draw/paint more; at least one drawing and/or painting per month.
  • Actually study techniques (I got How To Render a while back and I've been meaning to study up on that)
  • Don't immediately post stuff just to get it out there only to realize it looks like crap.
  • Pick up some decongestants later today because jfc am I sick
feed me
  • 10usd for a sketch of a subject (character, vehicle, etc) or comic panel
  • 20usd for a not-sketch of a subject or comic panel
  • -5usd for character busts
  • +5usd for color
  • More complex shit, like model sheets, paintings with action and backgrounds and all that, are variable.
I've been forced to draw nothing but anime lately, I yearn for sweet release.
I'm busy with stuff.
I'm still doing commissions. For character / object paintings, 10USD for an inkwash, another 10 for cleanings-up, and five for color. As for stuff like busts, or more complicated shit, we can figure that out over notes.
For someone who spends a lot of time mourning my shortcomings, I sure spend a lot more time not trying to work on them and instead drawing annimoos.
gee willickers I sure am flattered that you think the stuff I worked on for my personal use is worthy of a place in your story that consists of shit you didn't make.
I'm doing a thing for which you've prolly seen sketches. It's a project based around an idea that's basically Strike Witches except it deviates in one major way (won't spoil here but you prolly know what it is).

Looking for military advisers, otaku (preferably of the mecha musume / magical girl / moe variety), writers, previz artists, and p. much anyone who might have some ideas kicking around in their noggin.
I was taking commissions cuz I had the time but now it looks like that time is about run out so Imma finish the list and then that's it.
All programs and devices needed for arting are functional again and commission work has resumed.

The offer still stands; note or email me at and we can hammer out prices n shit, and then I'll add you to the list. I'll send you an initial sketch to let you know work's being done on it and then you can pay me.
My struggle against my tablet was in vain and I've decided to get a new one tomorrow so shit's gonna resume then.

The list is still there and it's still open to additions, just don't expect your shit to get done overnight. Also the way I do payment is you tell me what to do, I add you to the list, and then when I start on your thing I'll send you a sketch to assure you it's being worked on. Then you can pay me.
I told you commission work would resume shortly but apparently I'm a liar, because I got my new stylus and it doesn't work. Whatever the case, my aim is to be able to start up on getting your stuff done by the time Fanime is over so hopefully that will be the case. Even if I did have a functional tablet, this next week is chock full of con-prep and finals so I wouldn't be able to do much anyway. Oh well.

Also I'm trying to stop myself from spamming my excitement for Fanime. I really am. But there's going to be Papers, Please and Nonna and Katyusha are looking so awesome right now and I'm fucking shaking right now but it's probably just the coffee so I should make a rule that says no internet til the coffee wears off also run-on sentences.
Please stand by while I fetch a replacement.

Still taking commissions though; got a list at which I've been chipping away.
EDIT: I think my timing to open up commissions was kinda shitty. I'm still taking them, it's just that they're all being added to the list.

I'm officially opening myself up to personal commissions cuz I've already got some people (who won't be named) who were willing to pay me to do art for projects and that's really ace. Therefore, you should give me money because I spent all mine on dumb stuff (and also rent and school but those don't count) and now I can't afford food; in exchange I will art you a thing. Please note that this isn't some emergency commission thing; this isn't some noble cause that'll make the most out of your donation. In fact, I'll prolly just spend it all on greasy buffet food and/or booze.

Ultimately I leave prices up to how big the job looks when it's given to me, but expect something like a grayscale sketch of one thing or a character bust with no background to be something like 15usd. Something like a scene with folks shootin at eachother n' stuff blowin up and it's got color and a degree of refinement would prolly be something more like 25usd.

If you have a project, with a staff that's being paid and a budget and everything, give me more information and I'll prolly scale my rates back.

If for some reason you feel the inclination to take me up on this, email or gimme a note.
or do not.


Whatever the case, I'm gonna put all my kig stuff on that page rather than this one.
and an entry thereof.
BBI got the Homeworld IP back from Gearbox. Hardware: Shipbreakers is now officially Homeworld: Shipbreakers.

Technically speaking, this is good news- like a lost child being reunited with her parents. To be honest, however, I was really looking forward to the idea of a new franchise from the creators of Homeworld- Iunno if Shipbreakers would really fit in all too well with the HW universe, but who's complaining?

Also, F2P model has been dropped. Oh well.
Considering taking commissions, since I'm going through a bit of a rough-patch in terms of my finances. Couldn't keep my job due to school, bank woes caused my initial rent checks to bounce, all that shit. I can't promise anything at this current stage, but if anyone's interested or has advice to offer, I'm open.
I really wasn't expecting much for my 22nd birthday yesterday, other than copious amounts of liquor and some contemplation on my past, present and future failures. And maybe a new pair of pants or sum shit.

And while this is going to sound really fucking cheesy, I realized I already have some of the best shit one could get for their birthday- not only did I find I have a family and friends that give a crap and support me, but there are total random-ass strangers- who I've never met, never will meet, and in some cases have never even conversed with- coming out of the woodwork and giving me well wishes. I mean, sure, I may not be a goddamn internet celebrity getting showered in the such, but holy crap guys.

You people are spoiling me, and I can't thank you all enough for it.

I can't discourage you from going out and seeing it, cuz I'm a bitter, critical sack of shit who can't enjoy anything. But I can't recommend it either, because after taking a few moments to let my thoughts settle and formulate an educated opinion, I have reached that conclusion that it is shit. I mean, really- you're just going to have the protagonist explain what happened to the audience? And you're going to start all these character arcs so we go "ooh this might go somewhere now I'm interested" and then go LOLNOPE and toss them like last month's casserole? Fuck you. At least the (short-lived) action sequences conveyed a sense of massiveness.