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Cassarate Marine by Csp499 Cassarate Marine by Csp499
Though clans and hosts often have their own warriors, the Cassarate itself fields the most organized and advanced force among the Annahtari. Entrusted with defending and keeping the peace within Annahtar Space, and embarking on expeditions and incursions beyond, the UES serves not only as the backbone of the Cassarate's ground forces, but a means of earning pride and glory for an individual clan. Many vie to add their finest warriors to its ranks, but those who make it through the selection process find themselves in a very different line of work, wherein individual combat prowess is little more than a topping for the need to work effectively in a team. In fact, a wise clan council would know to send young, aspiring warriors open to new exeriences, rather than those grounded in tradition.

Nevertheless, the UES is by no means an exceptionally elite or well-equipped service - Standard issue equipment is distinctly bulky and simple-looking, almost mistakable for industrial equipment, in line with the Cassarate design philosophy emphasizing efficient use of resources, and ease of replacement and repair. Personnel training focuses heavily on mobility and precision, but their troops have earned a reputation of being especially tough and hardy combatants, able to operate effectively in a relative dearth of supplies, and harry an enemy without a local base of operations.
roooooooost Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice) White-red-white flag is a national (but, not official) flag of Belarus))
Rathauser Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh badass dude!  I like how blocky the equipment is, and how its shaped to be reminiscent of samurai armor.  Bonus points for space warriors with swords.
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