Ambidextrous - Chapter Two

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Published: March 28, 2018

Ambidextrous -- A Fantasy Weight Gain Story
Chapter 2: Truth and Consequences

    Ryote had tried to follow her own advice. She was bruised and battered from the fight and exhausted from her climb back up to the castle, and yet once she lay down in her bed she couldn’t keep her eyes closed.

    “Okay fine.” She grunted and sat up. She grabbed her robe which had been draped over a desk chair and marched out into the hallway. Her bare feet plodded along the cold metal floor as she passed door after door each one leading to a different mage’s bedroom. The castle was cold and dark at this time of night. Despite its sinister exterior Castle Kulak was normally vibrant and active. Mages practiced, sparred and studied during the day and the scholarly atmosphere breathed life into the massive building. During the night though with no human warmth, Ryote couldn’t help but feel like the castle had its own malevolent consciousness.

    Of course, that was partially due to the way the structure seemed to breathe. Ryote entered the central atrium of the building and was greeted by the giant Bronze cylinder which hung suspended from the ceiling. The cylinder passed through each of the castles 14 levels and served as a counterweight to keep the building from toppling under its own mass. It swung and swayed gently as the castle settled and produced a deep brass groan that could be heard throughout the building.

    When Ryote was a child she had been afraid of the noises it made and when she had stood underneath it for the first time She had cried out and clung to one of the minder’s legs in pure terror as the obelisk seemed to sway dangerously above her.  Ryote lived on the fourth level now with the rest of the adult acolytes and even three floors up the movement of the pendulum was far more subtle. It didn’t make her nearly as anxious as it had in her childhood but she had to admit that she felt a certain uneasiness when she stood in front of it and felt all of that weight suspended in space seemingly ready to drop at any moment.

    Next year she would either become a knight or have to choose a different calling and she would be moved to a higher floor where the swaying of the mass damper would be even more understated. She wondered if it would bother her less.

    She was shaken from her musing by the sound of footsteps behind her. She spun on a heel and reflexively entered a battle stance grabbing for a sword she wasn’t wearing.

    “Whoa!” Yelped a boy approaching her who nearly burnt himself on the flame that hovered above his fingertips. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to sneak up on you I didn’t see you there in the dark.” She stood up straight and muttered a quiet apology. She squinted at the man in front of her.

    “You were at the tournament today.” She realized. He nodded at her sheepishly. It was the other contestant who hadn’t been chosen. She’d remembered his creative use of sinistral magic but not his name.

    “So were you.” He pointed out as if she needed to be reminded. “Why were you standing in the dark?” He indicated the flame he was conjuring with a tilt of his head. She smirked and raised her right hand waggling her fingers at him.

    “Dextral.” She replied casually. He seemed confused and approached the railing she had been leaning against whilst expanding his flame to better illuminate the area

    “But… I saw you cast ice at the game. You used your left hand.” She nodded slowly and turned to face the pendulum leaning down against the railing.

    “I’m a better swordsman with my left hand. I tried learning the traditional way but I hadn't gotten past learning water signs before I switched.” The boy perked up.

    “That’s incredible! Have you thought about learning any more left-handed magic? You could be a sorcerer!” She winced but tied to hide it behind her casual posture.

    “Sorcerers don’t get to fight. Hard to hold a sword when you need both hands.” to the man’s credit he did seem to pick up on her signals and backed off on that line of questioning, however, the next question he asked hit an even more vulnerable nerve.

    “Do you know why she--” He cut himself off and she turned to him as he amended his word choice “-- why they didn’t pick you?” So it wasn’t just her who had noticed that.

    “No idea.” Her sentence was clipped and hard. “I’ll be asking Elder Raina her reasoning in the morning.” The man’s eyes went wide.

    “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” She wasn’t of course. The elders didn’t appreciate being questioned but meeting with this resistance steeled her resolve.

    “I think I deserve that much. I did win.” She replied casually and began striding confidently back to her room. The boy followed her almost frantically.

    “That’s not what I mean.” He started. He was taller and longer legged than she was but was almost jogging to match her determined pace. “I’m sure that any of the elders could tell you what you could improve for next year but Elder Raina has a history with insubordinate acolytes. I’m just saying that maybe you should --” She cut him off before he could finish. They had reached her door.

    “I appreciate it,” she said in a tone that was equal parts friendly and dismissive. “But I’m not scared of the elders and I am going to be a knight.” She opened her door and sidestepped inside even as he stammered in protest. “Now, since I have made up my mind and since you have already done your duty in warning me I really should be getting to bed. Goodnight… Gil?”

    “Giles.” he corrected. She nodded.

    “Good night, Giles.” His shoulders slumped and he muttered a defeated:

    “Goodnight, Ryote.” before having the door closed in his face.


    Ryote slept well. Before her insomnia had been caused by feelings of inadequacy and missed opportunities. Now she strode from her room feeling like a hero off to conquer some beast. She had dressed accordingly wearing a double-breasted, cropped vest and shirt that exposed her toned stomach and strong arms. She was small and slim and she liked the way people looked at her when they saw the cut lines of her body. She was a warrior; not a child. Underneath her vest, a pair of leather bracers held up a pair of loose fitting shorts and bellow that were red leather knee-high boots. She wasn’t dressed for a formal meeting. She was dressed for a challenge.

    She reached the northmost edge of the castle where a water wheel powered a series of vaguely coffin-shaped upright boxes which moved vertically along the wall. She stepped into one as it rose up from the floor below and pulled herself inside for the ascent. She turned to look out at the different levels as she rose. Some people found the hydro-lifts claustrophobic or even dangerous but Ryote much preferred riding in the coffins to trudging up any of the four staircases that marked each of the corners of the castle.

    She reached the twelfth floor and stepped out with her left foot in a practiced motion. The elders were on the floor above but the hydro-lifts only went this high before moving to the other side of the track and heading back down. This level was a meeting place. The Atrium was ornately decorated and the pendulum hung nearly still here. It’s movements only created a deep quiet hum like some sort of reverent chant. Most of the rooms on this level contained artifacts and history but there was only one stairway into the Elders’ chambers. Guards were posted by the door. Sinistrals with short swords on their belts and wearing plate armor. A small man in spectacles and a well-groomed mustache sat at a desk near the stairwell. She approached with no hesitation.

    “I’m here to see Elder Raina.”

    “Are you expected?” He said with a dull intonation. He didn’t bother looking up from his paperwork.

    “I suspect I am.” She tried to sound firm but not confrontational. “Tell her that Ryote Kikite is here and she wants an explanation.” The man looked up at her surprised, likely more by her forwardness than any recognition of who she was but he pulled out a strip of paper and wrote on it before folding it into a tiny star. He quickly performed several hand signs with a practiced quickness. Ryote could make out “Find” and “open” (though the latter gesture seemed a bit different than what she was familiar with) and the tiny paper star flew from the man’s hand and went buzzing up the stairs as if taken by a determined gust of wind.

    They waited for a moment and were greeted by another paper star, this one on a creamy lavender paper which landed on the desk and unraveled. The man behind the desk pushed his spectacles up his nose and leaned down to read the message.

    “You may enter.” he relayed curtly and the guards stepped aside to let her through. “Enter Elder Raina’s study and nowhere else,” he advised. “And leave as soon as you’re dismissed.” Ryote squinted and nodded uncertainly. This was awfully cryptic, even for a sorcerer, but she was committed now and she didn’t intend to leave empty-handed.

    She climbed the stairs and found herself in a long hallway. Unlike other areas of the castle in which three or four hallways surrounded a central atrium the Elder’s Level seemed to be one long spiral which was flanked by doorways along the side. She was curious what might lie at the center but knew that she would have to go far past Raina’s study to get there.

    The doors seemed to be marked alphabetically and each Elder had multiple rooms. Some were labeled study, bed-chamber or Den whilst others had more unusual designations. Several of the Sorcerers had “Forges” and  “sanctuaries” and there was one marked “Necropolis.” Ryote felt a tightness in the pit of her stomach as she finally reached a door marked “Elder Raina: Study” She centered herself and knocked on the wrought iron door. It wasn’t latched and the door drifted open smoothly at her touch despite its weight. Inside was a room full of bookcases and clutter. Every surface seemed to be covered in loose papers or topped with an open manuscript.

    Raina herself was standing over a table in the center of the room furiously taking notes on something she was reading. There was a chair behind her but she was instead on her feet and leaning over the table so she could quickly reach other documents that she might need to reference. Ryote noticed a spool of the lavender paper sitting on the table next to her. Hadn’t she known that she would be coming?

    “Elder Raina?” She asked; much of her bluster evaporated due to confusion. The older woman looked up and a soft smile touched her lips.

    “Ryote, I had hoped you would come.” despite the look on her face, her tone was dispassionate and proper. This was a woman who made an artform out of control. She didn’t offer Ryote a seat. “What might I do for you?” Ryote straightened regaining a bit of her righteous passion.

    “I need an explanation.” She started. Raina stared at her blankly. She continued. “I won my challenge yesterday. I wanted to know why I wasn’t chosen for knighthood.”


    “Ryote, I’ve taken the liberty to look into your transcripts.” The older woman replied. She balanced a pair of glasses on the bridge of her nose and lifted a cluttered pile of papers. “You got high marks in all of your classes. Don’t tell me you were so ignorant that you thought “winning” guaranteed you a spot in the king’s court.” She glanced disapprovingly at Ryote over the rim of her spectacles. The girl blushed but maintained her firm tone.

    “The spots were to be granted to the best fighters, yet Dobson was awarded my place even though I bested him.” The woman’s impish expression darkened.

    “Your place?” She asked. She glided around the table in a series of precise steps. “Do not presume that such an honor was owed to you. That privilege is mine to give and withhold at my leisure. If you are asking for an explanation I’ll give one freely. But…” She held up her right fist and raised a finger. “...this is clearly an accusation.” The woman preformed two signs in quick succession faster than Ryote could read them and the door slammed behind her. She reached for her blade but an air sign from the woman’s left hand blew her back against the door. Another enchantment from her right hand forced Ryote’s hands up by her head as the metal of the door began to wrap around her palms. She began tapping each finger to her thumb on her right hand in succession in a simple counterspell but Raina saw what she was doing and froze the hand in place with a burst of sinestral magic.

    “Now that we’ve established the nature of our positions in this conversation would you like to hear that explanation?” The woman’s voice was still calm and totally in control. Ryote Tugged at her restraints and made a water sign with her left hand just before the metal closed around her fingers and shot a jet of hot steam at the Sorceress. Elder Raina simply waved her hand in front of it and the water condensed into a harmless mist. “That right there,” she said. “That’s why I held you back.” Ryote’s fear briefly gave way to annoyance out of habit. She hated having to explain her sinistral abilities. She could do water signs, but she’d had no success with anything more complicated and to be entirely honest she wasn’t interested. It seemed like every other mage she talked to considered this a completely foreign concept.

    “If you became a knight you would have wasted your talent with that barbaric thing.” The elder indicated the short sword which had fallen to the ground. “You’re one of the few who has a chance to experience magic in the way it was intended. I’d have done you a disservice if I’d let you become honor-bound to that oafish tyrant.” She spat out these last words. It was the first time that she had shown even a hint of annoyance.

    “I want to fight.” Ryote retorted. She was surprised by the defiance in her own voice. “I’ve tried magic with my right hand. It prefers holding a sword.” Raina seemed unphased by her outburst.

    “No.” She responded. “You’re small and weak. You’ve had be incredibly clever with your magic to make up for those shortcomings, pardon the pun” She winked. “You’ve obviously worked hard to offset those disadvantages.” The older woman admired Ryote’s physique. Hours of intense work had been chiseled into her body and her devotion to her chosen craft was carved into her flesh. “I’m not going to allow you to waste your gifts,” She said bluntly. “If that means limiting your alternatives then so be it.”

    With one quick movement, she slid backward until she was a meter or so away from the captured woman and began making signs with both hands. Ryote felt her stomach clench and a bead of sweat roll down her temple as every instinct told her to get away, but the metal around her hands was solid and unyielding. She tried to follow the hand sings on Raina’s right hand but they were moving too fast and her fingers were lost in a blur of purple energy. Her heartbeat thrummed in her ears in rhythm with the hum of the pendulum deep within the center of the castle and just when she thought she would pass out from the stress Elder Raina thrust both of her palms outward and everything was still.

    The sound of the pendulum and her breathing were the only things that Ryote could hear and for a moment it seemed like nothing would happen. Then she heard something. There was the quiet squeak of stretching leather only audible due to the silence of the rest of the room. With nervous trepidation, she looked down. She peered over her chest and angled her hips forward to get a better look at her belly. The tightness in her stomach that she had first attributed to fear had a much more natural explanation. Her once flat tummy had started to pooch out gently over the front of her shorts and tug slightly on her suspenders.

    She shifted uncomfortably trying to get a better look at it and flexed her abdominal muscles… except those muscles didn’t respond the way she had expected. Her stomach flattened out but maintained a small doughy roll at the bottom that pooched out between the leather straps and continued to grow.

    “I am sorry my dear.” said the sorceress “but I couldn’t simply let you waste your potential. Besides,” She flourished her hand dismissively. “Who’s ever heard of a chubby knight?” at the word “Chubby” Ryote’s eyes shot up to the other woman and her defiance melted away to horror. She yelped as she heard a tear and looked down again to see flesh bubbling out from a run in one of her tights as her thighs began to expand. Her belly continued to swell and her stomach was supported awkwardly by the way her suspenders held up her shorts. She shifted her footing for a better look at her behind and caused the burgeoning paunch to bounce gently straing the leather bracers. Her hips also grew around the offending straps and bulged over the sides of her shorts which had gone from comfy and loose to unreasonably tight.

    More runs appeared in her tights and her calves pressed into her boots as every part of her became fatter. Even her breasts which had been held securely by the double-breasted vest she wore, were starting to strain her top. She gritted her teeth and her mind raced looking for an answer on how to get out of this, but this was a two-handed spell cast by one of the most powerful sorcerers in Castle Kulak. Even if her hands were free she had no doubt that countering it was outside of her abilities.

    “You have two choices.” The elder offered as if she somehow was the one being reasonable. She held up one finger “You either develop your abilities. Become a sorceress and I remove the curse when I’m satisfied you’ve met your potential. Or…” She held up the second finger “... You defy me, practice your skills to the point that you can break the curse on your own and continue to pursue your own goals, though I wouldn’t advise that route. Either way. I’m satisfied that this is the nudge you need to really make the most of your talents.”

    “And what about the third option,” Ryote growled as she continued to swell. By now she was quite fat and the suspenders had really begun to press into her belly. The Sorceress cocked an eyebrow. “I go to the tournament next year and win despite your attempts to stop me.” She struggled against her restraints but only managed to make her exposed belly wobble in a way that took away most of her defiant fervor. In a final lurch forward her belly outgrew her suspenders and their clasps popped off of her belt with an audible snap. He belly and hips which had been separated by the straps settled with a gentle plop into a wobbling muffin top that obscured Ryote’s view of her toes.

    “In that…” Raina struggled for the right words for the first time in their brief conversation. “... unlikely event, yes, I will remove the hex, but I suggest you attempt that course sooner than later. The more quickly you realize how foolish that course is the more quickly we can begin training you. Now!” She made one final hand sign and the hunks of metal holding Ryote’s hands to the door came free and she stumbled forward in a lurching wobbling mass of confusion “You are dismissed.”

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Part 2 is up for all 12 of you who were excited to read it! 

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