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..and I loved it! I want to bring this account back, so keep and eye out, Sammy is returning!
I've just come back home after spending just over a week with :iconsanctus-san: :heart:

I'm so happy that after 5 years of Samber love, we've finally got to meet in person!

We had lots of fun :heart:

<da:thumb id="683238372"/>

My page turned 10 years old on the 17th June! 

I've decided I'm going to bring back my furry babies <3
Thennnn put my Pokemon stuff on this account --> :iconghostlyfelis:
My account will be turning 10 years old this year!!

I should do something special.. I'm currently working on Sammy's redesign hurr hurr hurr.
This was definitely a good time to come, back. 
Welp so yeah I made a new account as I wanted to start fresh...

I didn't end up using it much at all.. and I want to come back to this one.

I hope you all will accept me back ;-; :heart:
Hey guys.
I'm sorry it's been a very long time.. but unfortunately I don't draw Sonic anymore.. I now specialise in Pokemon.

I've had this account for 9 years.. haven't used it this year at all.. and I think it's time to start fresh.


I hope you'll come see me over on my new account.

My YouTube channel is starting to grow, so I'm looking for pictures in different styles of my mascot!…

I'm happy with my banner, I just need a new icon, and pics with no background of GhostlyFelis for thumbnails! :la:

If interested, please comment with an example and price ;3
Tagged by :iconfrozenvolf:

Here are the Rules:

1: Go to and set it to Generate 1, all generations and all types, no nature
2: Paste the Pokémon to the corresponding question
3: Type down your reaction
4: No Pokémon repeats
5: Turn off the "Ubers" option
6: Post these rules


Your Partner in Crime:
Shell team :'D

Member 1:

Member 2:
Getting brutal.

Main Boss:

Grunt 1:

Grunt 2:

and an adorable inn it shall be.

Haha yesss the shell love!!! 

Bruh fight me.


Boss 1:
Spooky scary.

Boss 2:

Boss 3:



Pokemon that defeats YOU:

I tag :icondigsie: ;3
As you can likely tell, I don't use DA hardly ever.. and I have 180 points with cobwebs on them.

I know it's not a lot now, but bruh plz Wailord.

I wish I could have chosen you all, but I chose someone to give the points too ;-;


Would you guys be interested in a Pokemon art trade?

Why? Cos:

1- I feel bad for no being around, and not talking to people anymore..

2- I want to reconnect with friends.

3- I want to back back into drawing sonic/anthro


This is NOT A REQUEST JOURNAL. More like gifts for lovely people <3
If you ask/tell/beg me to draw your character.. I won't :3
If for any reason, you really DON'T want me to draw your character, feel free to tell me :3

That's all I have. 

So one of my favourite YouTubers opened a P.O Box, so I had to send him stuff!
I did and I made it into his video!!

One of my drawings is also the video's thumbnail!

Hgghhh I can't say no to a questionnaire ;-;
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    8 years

  2. What does your username mean?
    This account was going to be for my CSI fanart! Norman is my last name hurr

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Bruh bruh no

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    Right handed to draw. Left handed to snack. Both equally important.

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Crystal for C-Squirrel by CSINorman

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Tradional art with my pencils and Sharpies will always be my favourite. I just love actually moving the pencil, rather then using my laptop.. My tablet's not worked for months hurr.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Drawing animals! ;-;

  8. What was your first favourite?
    Fairly Ed Parents by cgaussie

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    I'm not sure, as I fave all sorts <3 But I do have a mushy spot for traditional.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    :icondansyron: Isn't he fabulous? :heart:

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    There are quite a few here I'd love to meet, but for this, I'd have to pick :iconca-cchan: and :iconspitfiresonice: I want to hold their hands. 

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    She's not on DA anymore, but I met Ember on here through the Sonic fandom, when she came to one of my livestreams! We got talking every so often through comments, and now, 3 years later, she is one of my 2 most best friends, and I would give up everything to meet her :heart:

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    Pencils, pens and paper.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    My desk while listening to Youtube!

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Probably when my Livestreams got popular ;-; I made so many friends through them!

Well I actually don't.. as no one's actually asked where I've been, but here's one anyway

I've not been on DA because quite simply.. I've just lost interest in it, and everyone's lost interest in me.
I've been drawing, I've been drawing a lot! But I don't upload anything, as I don't draw Sonic anymore.. and sadly.. that's all people want to see from me. 
I've been drawing Pokemon, and have a Facebook page for my art. 
I will try to pick back up on Sonic art.. but it won't be digital.

I HATE drawing digital art. There I said it ;3;

My tablet does not work anymore.. and I just don't have the money to get a new one. I also just LOVE traditionally drawing everything <333

I really really dislike free DA.. but this CORE.. what the fudge even is that?? Too expensive for what you get in my opinion.

So yeah. Just felt you all should know. 

I'm either too busy, sick or depressed to be active. 

My YouTube channel is finally up!

Special thanks to :icondraton01: for the amazing banner art, and of course character design :heart:

So far I just have a few speed drawing videos up, but when I get a better cam, I'll do my proper introduction video, where I'll be mentioning draton01's amazing help, and other stuff :3

I will be playing games (mainly gmod, horror and indie games) also, when I have more time! 
Hurr hurr let me rephrase, who fancies commissioning me a few traditional drawings so I can buy the charm I want ;3;

Loookkkkkk ---->…
I'm looking to commission someone to make me a Youtube banner, and animated intro! :3

I'm rather a really awesome banner, with my characters for GhostlyFelis on it :3

For the Intro, I'm thinking a thunder sound effect, with an evil laugh, followed by a meow XD

If anyone's more experienced with animation, I'd like a graveyard, with my character's ears popping out the soil X3 Note me for more detail.

I can do points or paypal, but I'm not paid until the 23rd.

I'm working on returning to DA atm yes I did leave for a little bit

Offering to draw 3 traditional pics in return for a PM ;-; 
I'm so happy that so many people have responed to my last journal! ^^

Ill be looking through them all to choose who to commission tonight! (I'm certain I'll commission you all at some point! <3)
I'm looking for people I can commission to draw my OC, Hawthorn!

Hawthorn by CSINorman Hawthorn again by CSINorman

I can pay with Paypal or points :3

I love unique styles, in both digital and traditional art!
However, I'd prefer it to not be drawn sonic style, and definitely not sexualised! (no large chest, thin waist and wide hips, six pack etc) For it has no gender. 

Please let me know examples and prices if you're interested ^^